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Mobile App Case Study: Winjoy Poker League


July 8, 2021

The Company

Zempot (CEO Ko Se-Wook) is a subsidiary of Netmarble, responsible for a wide variety of web board games. It is known for its famous titles such as the mobile go-stop game "Daebak Mat-go" and the poker game "Win Joy Poker" in Korea. In December 2020, Zempot released the authentic hold'em game, "WINJOY Poker League" (WPL), celebrating the traditional game of hold 'em as well as promoting WPL as a healthy sport for the mind. Zempot had also entered the sports game market by releasing the match prediction game "Winjoy SPO" around the same time and continued its growth with the release of its sports information app, "Today's Score" in May 2021.


The Goal & Challenges

After experiencing success running UA campaigns for "Daebak Mat-go" and "Win Joy Pocker" with MOLOCO, Zempot once again joined forces with our team for the launch of the WPL. However, after its successful launch, the campaign began to face sudden challenges. In February 2021, CPI rose while CVR began to fall in the WPL Android campaign.


The Strategy

Moloco Studio decided to first identify the current status of Android campaigns where performance was falling. WPL was actively using celebrities as models in the ad creatives for these campaigns. Although these creatives were expected to record higher CTR, Moloco Studio analyzed and identified that CTR for these ad creatives was in fact lower than those that emphasized gameplay. Ad creatives showing an example of gameplay had 0.7 or higher CTR than those that included the model. Sales and install numbers were also more than an astonishing 10 times higher. 

In addition to data analysis, Moloco Studio proposed the following improvements by conducting studies on ad creatives from games within a similar genre:

  • Apply ad creatives that capture the characteristics of real gameplay rather than celebrity models
  • Apply ad creatives with messages that induce gameplay such as "Bet $1," "Win $100," or "All In"
  • Encourage users to install and sign up by highlighting purchase-related events or subscription bonuses


The Solution & Results


Winjoy Poker League's New Moloco Studio Creatives


Winjoy Poker League's CVR And Revenue Rates After Moloco Studio's New Creatives


Upon receiving Moloco Studio's insights, Zempot produced additional creatives highlighting gameplay scenes and the "All-in" messaging. As a result, after just two weeks, creatives that applied insights provided by Moloco Studio were found to generate more than 8 times the sales compared to the original creatives and 0.5% higher CVR.


"With the help of Moloco Studio, we were able to overcome our challenges wisely. Thanks to the precise analysis based on data, we were able to identify which elements of the ad creatives brought more conversion and could restore our performance by applying these winning factors into new sets of ad creatives. Moloco Studio is a good example of how Moloco maximizes the value of data”

- Yeonwoo Jeong, UA Manager, Zempot








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