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VTC Mobile reduced CPI and sustained D7 ROAS across four titles with Moloco Ads


July 3, 2023


Performance exceeded target ROAS by 2x
100% Hit target CPI from 1st week
3 Months
Successful onboarding with 4 title expansion in 3 months through in-house management


VTC Mobile, a subsidiary of Vietnam Multimedia Corporation VTC, is a technology and digital content producer, and well-known game publisher. In 2023, they became  Vietnam’s #1 publisher, and their game “Đạo Sĩ Xuất Quan” was awarded Top 5 Game of the Year.


VTC Mobile was looking to acquire more high-quality users for their mid-core simulation games (SLGs) and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) than the walled gardens like Meta could deliver. They mainly wanted a stable and efficient solution that would let them focus on their most important KPIs — D7 ROAS and user retention.


By partnering with Moloco, VTC Mobile consistently achieved a sustained D7 ROAS over numerous months at a low cost — an unparalleled performance that's difficult to match with other channels. In addition, Moloco Ads met VTC Mobile’s initial goals within a week and maintained strong performance throughout the campaigns. For the two SLG titles, Tây Hành Kỷ and Project9, the campaigns reached over 40% D7 ROAS within two weeks of launch.

Moloco has become one of the few DSPs we trust and often use when launching new titles. With all four SLG and RPG game titles, Moloco has hit the target CPI of each within the first week of launch, allowing us to focus on driving our ROAS goals.
— Ethan Vo, Digital Marketing Manager, VTC Mobile

VTC Mobile found Moloco's machine learning-powered solution easy to use and delivered results quickly for Android games. Moloco’s ROAS-focused campaigns utilized VTC Mobile’s first-party data to create custom in-game events allowing Moloco's machine learning models to begin training before the start of the campaign. As a result, Moloco was able to immediately begin acquiring high-value users when the campaign launched. 

By leveraging Moloco’s intuitive UI, VTC Mobile was able to easily set up Moloco campaigns and launch new game titles while receiving transparent real-time reporting to better optimize creative strategy. The success with VTC Mobile represents a key growth for Moloco in Vietnam’s mobile app market.

Results through machine learning:

  • Performance exceeded target ROAS by 2x
  • Hit target CPI for each title within the first week of launch
  • Successful onboarding with 4 title expansions in 3 months through in-house management
Moloco Cloud DSP is currently one of the best performance platforms for in-app ads inventory. We are confident Moloco will be able to assist us in achieving our goals of balancing CPI and ROAS.
— Ethan Vo, Digital Marketing Manager, VTC Mobile


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