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Moloco Studio helps an online mall with better performing creative.


July 7, 2021

The Company

Soomlab is a subsidiary of Lemon Company and manufactures nanofilter masks that make it easier to breathe using BYONDTEX, a high-tech and specialized nanomaterial. After the launch of the ‘Breathable Super-Clean Mask’ in 2019, it began exporting internationally and produced a resounding 300,000 in sales. Currently, the official online mall has a cumulative sales record of 6 million sales in 54 countries around the world.


The Goal & Challenges

In July 2020, Soomlab started marketing more aggressively as they expanded into overseas markets, and joined Moloco in the process. While Soomlab was increasing its sales volume by utilizing various advertising media, it was facing challenges with its ads being pulled down due to COVID-19 related restrictions on major media platforms such as Facebook and Google. Masks that are manufactured products were not actually banned from exporting, but the ad system automatically filtered advertisements on a frequent basis, forcing them to find alternatives. 

Moloco Cloud, an advertising automation solution, reaches over 7.5 billion devices globally across all major ad networks and RTB exchanges, being the perfect solution for Soomlab to find the untapped inventories. To further support campaign sales, Moloco Studio supported in finding the best creatives to successfully expand into the new publisher market.


The Strategy

Moloco Studio analyzed the current status and performance of 18 groups of image creatives and found the following similarities between the features of highly effective creatives in MOLOCO’s RTB system.

  1. Clearly indicate the discount information
  2. Use a photo of a person wearing a product rather than a single mask image  

In reference to the above result, Moloco Studio developed 3 new sets of creatives. In addition, tests were conducted simultaneously on a total of 12 sets of creative concepts to find the most optimal option with regard to the gender of the model and the use of CTA buttons. 

Moloco Studio has also identified Soomlab were only running horizontal video creatives, longer than 40 seconds and so the team developed a short, less than 15 seconds vertical assets for their video creatives. Likewise, Moloco Studio supports mobile businesses with creative variations from size to language and help expose these creatives to a wider range of audience.


The Solution & Results

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 1.07.21 PM


The analysis of the data accumulated 10 days after the introduction of new creatives revealed that the creatives produced by Moloco Studio were found to show more than twice the sales compared to the existing creatives, and the additional video creatives recorded three times more sales than the originals. CTR also increased since mid-October when creatives supported by Moloco Studio were introduced. 

Tests ran through creative concepts confirmed that creatives emphasizing price and discount information recorded 1% higher CTR and more clicks than those that emphasized fast delivery. Test results also showed that while the model’s gender did not cause apparent differences,   including CTA buttons resulted in a CTR higher by about 0.5%.


Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 1.08.40 PM


Based on the A/B test results, Moloco Studio consistently provided updates using creatives with CTA buttons alongside price and discount information and actively helped Soomlab run its campaign by producing a total of 17 types of deliverables.  

"We came to Moloco with aggressive growth plans and a desire to have our high-tech masks stand out in untapped inventories. The Moloco Studio team worked very closely with us to understand our goals and help us devise a data-driven creative strategy that would not only portray the essence of product but would also resonate with audiences in ways that would drive campaign performance. We were extremely impressed with the campaign results, and we're thankful to Moloco Studio for their partnership"

- Seungah Hyun, Executive Director at Soomlab








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