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Pure Dating exceeded ROAS and CPI goals with Moloco’s ML-powered Cloud DSP


Ad impressions
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Ad impressions
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Ad impressions
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August 9, 2023

About Pure Dating

Pure is a dating app emphasizing honest connections, respect for personal boundaries, and freedom from judgment. The platform caters to curious creatives looking for unique relationships with like-minded people. Pure provides users with a safe, supportive, and considerate space to open their hearts and seek new passions.


Pure sought to acquire new users beyond walled gardens and increase revenue for its US Android campaigns. Campaign goals were:

  • Acquire new users at a competitive Cost Per Install (CPI) 
  • Achieve high Return On Ad Send (ROAS) in the first seven days (D7) 


With help from its performance marketing agency, Admiral Media, Pure tested the Moloco Cloud DSP against a Self-Attributing Network (SAN).

Budget breakdown: $20,000 allocated for Moloco and $30,000 for the SAN. After a thorough briefing, the creative team at Pure developed engaging ads tailored to each platform's unique specifications.

The creatives:

Choosing the right ad network (and trying new networks) is essential in performance marketing. 

By leveraging Moloco's machine learning-powered Cloud DSP, Admiral Media optimized their client's ad spend, reduced the CPI, and achieved a higher ROAS in the first seven days.

At the forefront of operational machine learning solutions, Moloco empowers app performance marketing agencies like Admiral Media to identify and capitalize on the most effective advertising platforms for their clients beyond walled gardens. 


The test was initially launched in the US market; however, due to the outstanding performance,  Pure began to scale in other markets with similar success. After 30 days, the performance of each ad platform was analyzed. Here are the results:

Moloco significantly outperformed the SAN across CPI and D7 ROAS KPIs, despite a lower budget. 

  • Achieved a CPI of $2.44, nearly four times lower than the SAN ($9.43) 
  • Exceeded client’s D7 ROAS expectations
Leveraging Moloco's innovative ad network, we didn't just hit our short-term KPIs – we exceeded them, paving the way for a highly effective and cost-efficient user acquisition strategy. The results speak for themselves: lower CPI, higher D7 ROAS, and an enriched user base for Pure. I believe it's a testament to what a focused, data-driven approach together with the right partners can accomplish.
 — Stefan Terziev, Performance Marketing Manager, Admiral Media

With the notable success of the strategic partnership between Moloco and Admiral Media, explore similar opportunities for your campaigns and contact us for more insights about Moloco’s machine-learning solutions.







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