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Playrix puts Moloco Ads through conversion lift testing with soaring results


September 7, 2023

About Playrix

Playrix is a renowned game app producer with a portfolio of top-tier game titles, including Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Fishdom. Known for its player-first mindset, Playrix creates immersive, engaging experiences and has won over a large community of loyal gaming fans.


Instead of relying solely on attribution, Playrix wanted to understand the causal impact of their advertising spend. For Playrix, typical last-touch attribution metrics were inadequate because the last interaction receives 100% of the credit, and other touchpoints are ignored. Given today's complex world of app measurement, Playrix sought a solution that gave them more insights into their media dollars' real value in growing their business.


Playrix conducted conversion lift testing with Moloco aiming to reveal the causal impact of Moloco's campaigns on their marketing outcomes that would not have otherwise occurred. Conversion lift tests measure conversions between users who've seen an ad (the test group) versus users who have not (the control group).

The test was conducted for Playrix's US and EU install campaigns. The agreed-upon method was to use 20% of campaign traffic for the control group (users who would not see an ad) by implementing ghost bidding — a type of conversion lift testing that Moloco provides where we only bid (run the campaign as usual) for the test group and not bid (don't run the campaign) for the control group. Once the test series was completed, the test showed the Moloco Ads delivered a significant incremental lift in conversions.


By leveraging Playrix's first-party and contextual data, Moloco's ML-powered solution delivered the right ad to the right user at the right time and price — providing substantial incremental growth for Playrix.

  • 85% install lift for the EU campaign
  • 38.27% install lift for US campaign
Moloco's consistent delivery of impactful ghost bidding conversion lift tests has become an integral part of Playrix's growth strategy. We gain valuable insights to optimize our advertising efforts, resulting in substantial and measurable growth and ongoing success of the partnership.
 — Pavel Lushnikov, Marketing Producer at Playrix




Dublin, Ireland




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