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Lalalab exceeded ROAS targets with Addict Mobile and Moloco

Avishai Linde

February 27, 2024


Lalalab, a prominent photo printing company from France, specializes in turning digital memories into tangible products like prints, photo boxes, photo books, magnets, and more. Known for its user-friendly app and diverse format offerings, Lalalab caters to a wide range of users seeking quality photo printing services that deliver directly to their homes.

Addict Mobile is a mobile marketing agency that helps website and mobile apps increase digital turnover and optimize their acquisition strategy. 


Lalalab experienced constraints in acquiring new users and reaching a plateau in growth, stemming from its reliance on a limited range of content publishing sources, mainly from Self-Attributing Networks (SANs). The goal was to diversify these sources, expanding their reach and potential outside SANs (SANs to the open internet). Additionally, integrating a new platform to expand their advertising beyond SANs offered a valuable learning opportunity, paving the way for strategic onboarding and long-term success.


Lalalab, in collaboration with its agency, Addict Mobile, partnered with Moloco to implement a strategic approach to diversify its marketing mix and extend reach beyond traditional walled gardens to the open internet. This initiative focused on utilizing Moloco's advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and maximize revenue.

Addict Mobile facilitated a comprehensive one-month investment plan for Lalalab, aiming to evaluate the initial performance of Moloco in post-launch and establish benchmarks. Following Moloco's recommendations, Addict Mobile developed personalized creative and content formats using their in-house tool. This ensured the creatives not only resonated with the right user at the right time with the right message but also were adapted into diverse formats for optimal performance on Moloco’s platform. Moloco's ML engine collected and analyzed first-party data throughout the learning phase, enabling real-time campaign optimization.


By monitoring key performance indicators such as CPA, ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), and user engagement, Lalalab significantly improved its advertising strategy and saw immense growth in its performance. Through the collaboration with Addict Mobile, Lalalab's integration of Moloco's ML technology led to measurable advancements.

  • Increased ROAS by over 12%
  • Achieved top 3 sources with a decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by -9%
  • Attained best average basket size among User Acquisition (UA) campaigns, including SANs

“Our collaboration with Moloco has been very fruitful, meeting our ROAS targets and helping us to increase our number of new customers.” — Musique Battut, User Acquisition Director, Addict Mobile






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