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Koiniwa achieved 144% target ROAS with Moloco

WenHsin Chien
Jen Kwak

March 7, 2024

About Koiniwa

“Koiniwa” is a dating app created by Koiniwa Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer of smartphone gaming software headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Koiniwa evolved from a dating app into a garden farm game that cultivates relationships. In the app, players can match avatars and grow a "Koi Niwa" garden together through gameplay.


Following a promising launch, Koiniwa experienced a plateau in user acquisition and diminishing app usage. Koiniwa realized it was time to pursue a more efficient marketing solution that could attract and retain a wider audience. 


Koiniwa opted for Moloco's platform due to a key feature: advanced operational Machine Learning (ML) technology that can identify and target high-value users in real-time on the open internet outside of walled gardens. This partnership with Moloco provided Koiniwa with strategic insights for campaign optimization and detailed user engagement analytics.

An advantage for Koiniwa was the enduring efficacy of the creative performance across various advertising placements while keeping operational costs low. The real-time reporting dashboard from Moloco provided transparency, enabling Koiniwa to monitor key performance metrics such as CPA, CTR, and ROAS. In addition, Koiniwa incorporated Spider AF, a fraud detection and prevention tool. With Moloco in place, Spider AF reported minimal fraud instances, assuring a secure and clean advertising environment for user acquisition.


Koiniwa anticipates Moloco to maintain high performance and further scale user acquisition scope. Given Moloco's history of successful outcomes and outstanding customer experience, Koiniwa expresses unwavering trust in Moloco's capability as an excellent results-driven performance marketing solution for mobile apps.

  • Achieved 144% target ROAS
  • Low operating costs for creative production and manuscript submissions

“We used to distribute advertisements mainly through so-called mega media (Google, Meta), but we felt there was a limit to the effectiveness in reaching new customers. We were looking for media channels that could efficiently deliver new customers. Also, with so many destinations, I feel the creative has longevity. The operating costs, including creative production and manuscript submission, are low. That it achieves excellent performance is also a high point.”

— Mr. Takahiro Furukawa, former Koiniwa Business Manager, Koiniwa Co., Ltd.








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