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Higgs Studio achieved 2X installs with Moloco Ads

Elfie Yao

September 27, 2023

About Higgs Studio

Higgs Studio is a puzzle game company founded by Higgs Technology, dedicated to producing high-quality casual games for players around the world. Their games have become popular around the world, with over 50 mobile games launched and over 500 million downloads, with games such as Tile Master, Tile Connect, Tile Master 3D, and Cube Master 3D.


Within the casual game vertical, Higgs aimed to effectively balance an optimal product design with achieving cost-efficient user acquisition and increasing the rate of in-app purchases. Their specific targets were to boost Installs Per Thousand (IPM) ad impressions and reduce Cost Per Action (CPA) for in-app purchases.


To tackle Higgs' multifaceted challenge, Higgs partnered with Moloco's machine learning-powered solution. By harnessing Higgs' valuable 1P data and contextual signals from various ad inventories, Moloco's ML algorithms precisely targeted ads to high-value users at the right time for the right price. Aligned with Higgs' product requirements, Moloco simultaneously implemented several User Acquisition (UA) strategies covering a wide range of goals: ‘Install,' 'In-App Event,' 'ROAS,' and 'Retention.’ This approach ensured optimization across various stages of user acquisition. Additionally, by running multiple 'In-App Event' campaigns, Moloco's ML algorithms can simultaneously train and optimize different UA KPI events.

Together with Moloco, Higgs also focused on creative optimization to further improve campaign performance and reduce customer acquisition costs. Higgs leveraged diverse ad formats available from Moloco Ads to expand Higgs' reach across various ad placement opportunities. Adhering to the idea that rich creatives produce better ads, Higgs continuously introduced new creatives into their campaigns. 


The partnership with Moloco’s ML-powered solution enabled Higgs to acquire and retain high-value users while increasing in-app purchases to exceed their goals.

  • ROAS increased by 20%
  • Installs increased by 2X
  • IPM increased by 30% 
Moloco helps us to acquire high quality users at scale and continuously drives extraordinary performance. We have a strong willingness to develop a close partnership with Moloco in the future.
 — Crystal Guo, UA Manager, Higgs Studio


Higgs Studio


Hong Kong




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