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GS SHOP achieves 4000% ROAS goals through dynamic creative optimization with Moloco


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November 20, 2020

As Korea’s first-ever TV home shopping company, GS SHOP has continued to be recognized as a pioneer within the industry for the past 20 years. After establishing itself as Korea’s number one company in both sales and market share, GS SHOP set its sights on making waves within a whole new market - mobile shopping.

As any major player in the eCommerce industry will tell you, growing a solid customer base with new high-quality shoppers is almost always at the top of their wishlist. Opting to partner up with the experts at Moloco, GS SHOP was able to take advantage of its highly sophisticated machine learning products to optimize its UA strategy and see immediate results.

Within three days of their first campaign being launched, the target CPI was reached and dropped steadily thereafter over the next four weeks. After twelve weeks, the campaign was generating more than one thousand installs per day while still maintaining the target CPI.

GS SHOP achieves 4000% ROAS goals through dynamic creative optimization
GS SHOP achieves 4000% ROAS goals through dynamic creative optimization

Fast forward to a year later and the results showed just how effective the initial UA campaign was at obtaining the highest-quality installs consistently at scale. As a result, GS SHOP achieved high purchase conversion rates because of these superior quality new users, prompting them to increase their Cost Per Install goal resulting in a whopping three thousand installs per day while again maintaining the target CPI.

It became clear early on that in order to achieve even greater results, maximizing the number of products being broadcasted in real-time would be crucial.

One key advantage that GS SHOP held amongst its competitors was owning, and having access to, its own television broadcast channels. This, combined with the use of dynamic creatives (DCR) powered through Moloco, allowed them to synchronize product advertisements viewed through mobile at the same time they were being broadcasted on live television.

The results spoke for themselves as GS SHOP achieved more than 2000% ROAS over a two-month span.

A more recent example of how DCR drove successful UA campaign results occurred when Moloco ran performance tests against traditional static banners. Interestingly enough, GS SHOP requested more budget be allocated towards DCR due to results showing performance stability on par with static banners while maintaining a similar CPI.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to static banners is that they take up a great amount of resources to create while trying to keep up with constantly changing deals and promotions. Another caveat with static banners is that you’re always running the risk of human error.          

Dynamic creative examples using dynamic retargeting:

GS SHOP Mobile App
GS SHOP DCR and Static

Attracting new users is one thing but turning them into repeat customers is where the real value is found. With the help of Moloco's dynamic creative expertise, GS SHOP was able to launch a retargeting campaign to identify the best-suited products to display based on valued users’ behavior and purchase history. In just three weeks after the campaign launched, the target ROAS was achieved. With the advanced machine learning continuously working to improve its DCR offerings, weekly ROAS ended up surpassing an impressive 4000%.


"Moloco has been absolutely essential to the success of our mobile eCommerce business. Their tech was able to reach our target CPI in less than 3 days and delivered a 4,000% return on ad spend using dynamic creative campaigns. They even managed to maintain performance while getting CPIs down 30% below our target. I highly recommend working with them”

-Woohyun Park, Head of Marketing Business Subdivision, GS SHOP

The full story on GS SHOP's collaboration with Moloco can be found by clicking on the link here.

To learn more about Moloco's powerful suite of highly sophisticated machine learning products and how they make it easier for eCommerce apps to grow their customer base and increase sales, contact the machine learning and ad performance experts at Moloco today.

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