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Mobile Game Case Study: Golf King World Tour


July 20, 2021

The Company

RisingWings is a mobile game provider established when Delusion and PNIX teamed up. The company focuses on developing casual, mid-core games.RisingWings' Golf King - World Tour boasts an easy-to-play interface that allows users to play a real-life-like golf game with those from around the world. Global players and fans have been showing consistent dedication to Golf King since its launch in 2019. 

The Goal & Challenges

RisingWings has been overseeing marketing for Golf King series with Moloco since when it was PNIX. While Golf King - World Tour saw outstanding results for a while after the launch, CTR started falling 6 months into the campaign due to the lack of newly uploaded creatives. In addition, the campaign needed to be localized as most creatives were in English even though the campaign was being run in 6 different countries. To resolve these issues, RisingWings sought out a strategy to boost the effectiveness of its creatives. 


The Strategy

  • Try out new creative concepts
  • Incorporate text that triggers competitiveness among users in the video content, proven to be effective in previous campaigns
  • Use comic book style images describing game play, also found to be effective in previous campaigns
  • Use full set* of new creatives

*Note: a combination of creatives (7 images, 4 videos) proven to be effective in Moloco Studio's cross-regional analysis of creative concepts

  • Conduct localization for every target region


The Results

1.Higher CTR after introducing new creatives

Golf King Higher CTR After Introducing New Creatives

<Image 1. New image creatives developed by Moloco Studio>

Golf King New Image Creatives Developed By Moloco Studios

<Image 2. New video creatives developed by Moloco Studio>

To refresh the interests of target groups who have been exposed to the same creative for 6 months, Moloco Studio developed new creatives after analyzing those used previously. New creatives were created based on more effective cases from the past - an image of male/female character in a follow through pose (left in Image 1), a comic book style description of game play (right in Image 1), and a video comparing Winner/Loser character (Image 2). As a result of using these new creatives since late May, CTR soared to be 3 times higher than before. 

Golf King's New Creatives Resulted In CTR To Be 3 Times Higher Than Before

<Image 3. CTR Trend>


2. Higher retention rate after using Moloco Studio's creatives

In South Korea, Japan, and Great Britain, Moloco Studio creatives generated a revisit rate 20% higher on average than non-Moloco creatives.

Higher Retention Rate After Using Moloco Studio's Creatives

<Moloco Studio vs Non-Moloco Studio D3 Retention Rate>

In South Korea in particular, user revisit rate that initially showed a falling trend recovered and maintained consistency after incorporating Moloco Studio creatives.

South Korea User Revisit Rate Initially Showed Falling Trend Recovery After Golf King's New Creatives by Moloco Studio

<KOR D3 Retention Rate Trend>

ROAS that staggered in April and May also saw a drastic increase. After adding Moloco Studio's new creatives, D7 ROAS jumped 2 times compared to when using old creatives.

Golf King's New Creatives by Moloco Studio Resulted In D7 ROAS Jumping 2 Times

<KOR D7 ROAS Trend>


3. Higher IPM and lower CPI after localizing creatives

To optimize the creatives for each of the 4 target countries, Moloco Studio identified inventories with high demand per region and prepared the most appropriate creatives for each inventory. In addition, these new ad creatives were not only in English but also in each target country's local language. IPM and CPI-wise, localized content proved to be more effective than those in English. Details on each country context is as follows:

  • South Korea
  • Higher IPM after adding new creatives in late May
  • Moloco Studio's video format saw CPI drop by 30%
Higher IPM And Lower CPI After Localizing Creatives

<KOR IPM Trend>

Korea IPM Trends
  • Japan
  • 7% increase in spending after adding native format ads
  • Moloco Studio enabled client's use of native inventories, previously unused before Moloco Studio helped create a size-guide aligned creative
Japan Increase In Spending After Adding Moloco Native Ads
  • France
  • IPM increased by 2% for Moloco Studio's interstitial ads
  • IPM increased by 4% for Moloco Studio's native ads
  • CPI dropped by 4% for Moloco Studio's interstitial ads
France IPM And CPI Rates After Using Moloco Studio
  • Germany
  • IPM increased by 7% for Moloco Studio's video ads
  • CPI dropped by 8% for Moloco Studio's interstitial ads
  • CPI dropped by 19% for Moloco Studio's video ads
Germany IPM And CPI Rates After Moloco Studio


Moloco Studio's creatives not only refreshed clients' interest in our game but also helped boost the revisit rate. Thanks to Moloco Studio’s localized creatives, we were also able to see improved performance in more regions than before. We would strongly recommend Moloco Studio to anyone who wishes to revamp their creative strategy.

Yee Seul Hwang, UA Part Lead at RisingWings







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