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Geotechnologies acquired new users at a lower CPI with Moloco

WenHsin Chien

February 21, 2024

About Geotechnologies

Geotechnologies is a renowned mapping solutions company with over 25 years of history. Venturing into the world of gamification, they developed the point app "Torima," where users get points by registering motion. The app has over 12 million downloads with high user engagement (as of January 12th, 2023*). 


Geotechnologies, in their advertising operations for Torima, primarily use walled gardens such as Google, Meta, and several other ad networks. However, there is an increasing interest in exploring DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms) outside of walled gardens and on the open internet. The advantage of using  DSPs on the open internet for Geotechnologies lies in expanding their ad inventory without additional effort while optimizing overall advertising performance toward acquiring new users.      


Geotechnologies partnered with Moloco to fulfill Torima’s user acquisition goals through advanced operational Machine Learning (ML) technology and an expansive network that spans the open internet.

Moloco drove 30 to 40% of Torima's new installs at a lower CPI, demonstrating effective user acquisition and budget optimization. In addition, Moloco provided a streamlined UI for easy ad management and data-informed decisions. Torima leveraged AppsFlyer's Protect360 for robust fraud protection and detected negligible fraud, verifying that Moloco effectively acquired high-value users. In addition, Torima greatly appreciated the dedicated and proactive approach of Moloco's Sales team, which provided fast responses and strategic advice, enhancing the overall campaign success.


Moloco’s solution proved to be a key partner, not only exceeding user acquisition results for Torima, but providing the power of ML in driving growth and unlocking new opportunities on the open internet.

  • Drove 30-40% of Torima’s total app installs
  • Minimal instances of ad fraud compared to other platforms
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

“It can be said that Moloco has broadened acquisition routes and succeeds in providing quality users with a consistently low CPI. In addition to being a major user acquisition channel, Moloco is an important partner delivering a wide range of market and industry information and support. We have only used Moloco for UA, but would like to consider Moloco for monetization as well.”

— Mr. Naohiro Kitaya, Product Manager at Torima, Geotechnologies Co., Ltd.

*The interview between Geotechnologies and Moloco was conducted on January 17th, 2023, and any references or content may reflect the context of that date.






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