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Bucketplace transforms its marketplace business with retail media

Christie Zhang

Aug 29, 2022


Ad impressions
served monthly


Ad impressions
served monthly


Ad impressions
served monthly

August 29, 2022


  • 2.2% higher spend among shoppers who were shown targeted ads
  • Merchants increased GMV 2x by adopting sponsored ads
  • Compared to other platforms, advertisers achieved 3x ROAS
  • Over 10% of all merchants recruited to advertise within three months
Bucketplace Transforms Its Marketplace Business With Retail Media
Bucketplace Transforms Its Marketplace Business With Retail Media

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“With Moloco Retail Media Platform, we’re able to provide our merchants with a tool to increase sales via advertisements while improving the user experience through highly relevant product offerings.” — Scott Lee, Head of CEO Offices, Bucketplace


  • Bucketplace saw an opportunity to unlock new value from OHouse, its fast-growing home and living marketplace app
  • The team wanted to make OHouse a new channel for merchants to reach and convert more customers, while creating a more personalized shopping experience for users


  • Bucketplace determined that intelligent, targeted advertising would provide a new channel to achieve their goals for both merchants and users
  • The team searched for a solution that can serve personalized ads for each shopper and that they can deploy in a few months, not years
  • They chose Moloco Retail Media Platform (RMP) based on its automatic targeting and performance optimization, powered by machine learning, and its simple self-serve campaign management
  • Moloco worked hand-in-hand with Bucketplace to launch RMP within three months, providing business consultancy and data expertise throughout
  • Bucketplace leveraged RMP as a key part of its strategy in furthering user experience, driving purchases, and increasing satisfaction among merchants

For more insights on how Bucketplace worked with Moloco to launch a successful retail media business, click here.


Bucketplace is a leading technology platform in the home and living category in Korea, with over 20 million downloads for its marketplace app.

Moloco is a machine learning company that enables e-commerce platforms and app publishers to establish scalable performance ad businesses — by unlocking their unique, first-party data.

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