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Binance achieved D7 ROAS targets and reduced CPA by 3x with Moloco ML-powered Cloud DSP

Nathaniel Tan


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Ad impressions
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Ad impressions
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September 6, 2023

About Binance

Binance is a global blockchain ecosystem behind the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. Binance is dedicated to making crypto more accessible to everyone to increase the freedom of money globally and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings.


As an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance needed an effective approach to boost new user acquisition during peak trading. Implementing the right mix of creative format, strategic ad placements, and timely execution was important to hit their ROI goals.

They needed a geo-targeting solution while optimizing market impact for performance. Given the regular need for ad copy updates, a robust Demand Side Platform (DSP) solution was necessary to simplify processes. The goal was a solution to ease operations and boost creative performance.


Binance partnered with Moloco to develop Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) that can mirror the cryptocurrency market's volatility. Powered by Machine Learning (ML), Moloco's DPAs display real-time, 10-minute interval price changes to capture engagement from potential investors and traders. Moloco's ML model combines contextual signals and first-party data that target users most likely to engage in revenue-generating actions. The combination of DPAs and predictive modeling led to a substantial increase in conversions. During a 30-day A/B test with Binance, Moloco's DPAs outperformed static creatives to achieve 5x more impressions, 3x more conversions, 2.5X better Cost Per Installs (CPIs), 3x more actions, and 3x decrease in Cost Per Action (CPA).

Moloco adapted the DPAs to Binance's international targeting by incorporating localized languages to increase appeal to regional audiences while ensuring campaigns complied with regional regulatory standards and restrictions. Leveraging Moloco's in-house geo-fencing capabilities enabled Binance's campaigns to quickly scale regionally and expand globally.

Moreover, with the rapidly increasing adoption rate of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0, Moloco updated its tech infrastructure. Through partnerships with Binance and Appsflyer, Moloco tested SKAN 4.0 reporting capabilities ahead of other platforms, providing Binance with valuable, granular insights via SKAN 4.0 reporting.


  • Immediate reduction in CPA by 3x (action being the first trade)
  • Achieved D7 ROAS targets with DPAs localized by country language
  • Hit D7 ROAS targets on optimization for first trade event
Moloco enables Binance to achieve our user acquisition and ROAS goals. Its user-friendly and efficient product-driven features make launching and managing a campaign super easy versus other platforms.
 — Stefano Cantu, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Binance






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