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AppQuantum’s ROI increases 1.5x


April 22, 2022

AppQuantum is a mobile free-to-play game publisher that helps talented developers around the globe focus on making games they love. They publish their games and increase revenue so they can produce worldwide hits.

Focusing on idle and merging genres, AppQuantum constantly evolves their expertise and are not afraid of trying something new or working with other games. AppQuantum’s games have been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times by game players all around the world.

Key to AppQuantum’s success is carefully choosing the right partners with the most significant potential from the thousands of game applicants. They then dedicate their full resources to the app’s growth as they feel it is best to work with a single game with 100% of their resources than many games where they cannot dedicate their full support.

AppQuantum's ROI Results


AppQuantum wanted to scale Gold and Goblins on Android in key regions such as the US and Japan, as well as enter into as many new geographies as possible. The biggest challenge was to achieve these objectives while maintaining profitability and hitting ROI above 1 at all times in each geography.


Moloco and AppQuantum established a shared understanding of the objective and each brought their expertise to meet the ROI and expansion goals. AppQuantum accelerated creative production and A/B testing, speeding up test cycles and iterations. Moloco focused on fine tuning the campaign and produced a list of most promising geos to launch based on AppQuantums data and available inventory.


Moloco and AppQuantum agreed to focus on the creative that was showing the most promising ROI results of all the creatives which were tested over six weeks. Within the first four weeks, the investment into UA activities using the best performing creative increased by a factor of 8.8. Additional highlights include:

  • US campaign saw 8.2X growth.
  • ROI increased 1.5x in the first 4 weeks with Moloco. Overall ROI was maintained after 8 weeks.
  • 18 new geographies based on Moloco’s recommended list were launched at various levels of investment, all maintaining ROI above target for 4 weeks.

The Story Continues

AppQuantum continues to expand their geography footprint and test new approaches to increase ROI.

Based on the success of the UA campaign on Android, AppQuantum and Moloco are now doing research on expanding the iOS UA campaigns and testing new weekly budget optimizations.

AppQuantum's Story Continues

“It's been a pleasure to mutually share expertise with Moloco, be aware of the latest updates in Moloco Cloud DSP and learn how they can help us increase our ad performance. We value the data-driven approach that Moloco follows.”

– Vitaly Korsak, User Acquisition Manager, AppQuantum

To learn more about Moloco Cloud DSP and how you can start leveraging first-party insights to fuel growth across the programmatic ecosystem, contact the machine learning and ad performance experts at Moloco today.




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