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Make your campaigns pay off (for your customers, too).
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Predict ROAS across the entire customer lifecycle and journey

Take advantage of all your first-party user data, including signals from non-revenue actions, to build multi-stage monetization models that drive ROAS. Moloco’s machine learning, powered by a Deep Neural Network, detects the disparate behaviors that indicate a user is prone to take an initial action and targets them with the right ad creative at the right point in their experience to lead them through the highest LTV conversion journey.

Keep your ad spend aligned with market trends

Automatically adjust ad spend so that it adapts to relevant market changes. Take advantage of quarterly analysis provided by Moloco’s data specialists to understand the insights surfaced by our machine learning. We share that data so that you can modify your campaign size and set proactive and appropriate goals as markets evolve.  


Protect your customers’ privacy and data

Respecting consumer privacy and data is now table stakes, especially for fintech apps. Build trust with prospects and customers by opting to target only Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) users on both iOS and Android. Prevent data leakage – Moloco never mixes first-party data across advertisers. Ensure that no personally identifiable information ever touches campaign data.

If you’re ready to accelerate growth for your mobile app, you can’t go wrong with Moloco. Their platform is ideal for user acquisition, and we appreciated their transparency every step of the way.
Andy Jang, Senior User Acquisition Manager
No one provides better data-driven solutions than Moloco. Whether for programmatic user acquisition, in-house control of data, or as a fully managed service, Moloco’s machine learning solutions give mobile businesses the edge they need.
Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer
With Moloco Retail Media Platform, our vendors achieved 9x growth in ROAS. The platform brings powerful performance based on machine learning and a scalable ad tech infrastructure, which enables us to build a sustainable media business.
Woohyun Park, VP of Ad Business
GS Retail

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