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Create new business with ML-as-a-Service.
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Fuel your strategy with rich data where and when you need it

Open new revenue streams and get better margins on existing lines of business by integrating Moloco’s battle-tested machine learning engine with your cloud data warehouse, customer data platform, or other existing system of record. Power your partners’ workflows with all your first-party and programmatic data. Help your data analysts and data science teams build BI models to uncover your next market or app opportunity.

Get the benefits of a machine learning platform as a service

Access Moloco’s entire machine learning value chain via API to speed up your use case. Productize your first-party data as a recommendation engine. Get clear insights into your audiences to inform your product strategy. Confidently create new apps by pulling data from your existing apps to understand where your next best audience is.


Scale your own ad network with complete control from end to end

Launch and scale a complete programmatic ad network with real-time assessment and bidding, but without the burden of building your own technical stack. Deploy your own real-time bidding engine to effortlessly tap into the right inventory. Offer machine learning for audience targeting directly to advertisers on your platform.

If you’re ready to accelerate growth for your mobile app, you can’t go wrong with Moloco. Their platform is ideal for user acquisition, and we appreciated their transparency every step of the way.
Andy Jang, Senior User Acquisition Manager
No one provides better data-driven solutions than Moloco. Whether for programmatic user acquisition, in-house control of data, or as a fully managed service, Moloco’s machine learning solutions give mobile businesses the edge they need.
Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer
With Moloco Retail Media Platform, our vendors achieved 9x growth in ROAS. The platform brings powerful performance based on machine learning and a scalable ad tech infrastructure, which enables us to build a sustainable media business.
Woohyun Park, VP of Ad Business
GS Retail

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