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Moloco Performance Ad Server (PAS)

Grow revenue with a machine learning engine for programmatic ads, powered by your first-party data.
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Build and grow your own
performance ads business

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Operate your own walled garden

Power your end-to-end platform or plug in via API to offer new ad products and activate premium inventory.
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Activate your first-party data

Protect user and advertiser privacy and future-proof against policy change with ML built for first-party data.
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Drive revenue from all your inventory

Sell performance ads directly to advertisers based on CPI, CPA, or ROAS, with no impact to existing CPM.

Expand your ad revenue strategy

Moloco Performance Ad Server (PAS) enables mobile publishers and media companies to rapidly deploy and operate a scalable, measurable, and privacy-safe performance advertising business. Whether your audiences are connecting with their community, streaming video, or consuming online media, Moloco helps monetize more ad inventory programmatically on mobile and AVOD.


Scale automatically with machine learning

Drive sustained performance and revenue without the typical engineering or data science startup costs. Fill inventory with open programmatic demand without sacrificing CPM. Moloco’s ML engine is built on deep neural networks that optimize in real time and continually improve.

Future-proof performance powered by first-party data

Unlock more of your high-value ad inventory and confidently integrate your first-party data to optimize performance. Get a trusted partner for all the performance benefits but with none of the security risks or privacy concerns.


Easily integrate within your tech stack

Scale up your performance ads business in weeks, compared to a year or more to build a machine learning engine in-house. Moloco PAS offers video, native video, rewarded video, video end cards, banners, VAST, HTML5, and playables out-of-the-box via API. With PAS, you can add a new performance ad capability to your platform or power your entire ad serving infrastructure.

By entrusting our programmatic advertising engine to Moloco PAS, we were able to go to market with a performance ad platform in record time and with far fewer resources. We've delivered remarkable results for our advertisers most focused on UA and growth, using our own first-party data to optimize ROI.
Chajin Park, Chief Strategy Officer

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