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Moloco earns 2021 certification as a Great Place to Work

November 30, 2021

Moloco announced today that it has been officially certified as a Great Place To Work. In a company-wide survey, 91% of employees said Moloco is a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees at typical companies in the U.S. According to the official certification, these are some of the primary reasons Moloco is a Great Place To Work:

  • 97% of Moloco employees feel they are entrusted with a lot of responsibility
  • 95% of Moloco employees believe management is honest and ethical
  • 95% of Moloco employees feel they have the flexibility to take time off
  • 94% of Moloco employees say their team avoids politicking and backstabbing
  • 94% of Moloco employees are proud to say they work at Moloco.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a Great Place To Work,” said Brian Yoo, Chief Operating Officer of Moloco. “We often talk about how proud we are of the company’s impressive recent growth and all we accomplish as a business, but we’re equally as proud of our team. Every individual Moloco employee comes together to make those successes happen, so it’s critically important that our team feels secure, comfortable, and supported by our workplace culture.”

As the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work surveys employees and studies organizations around the world to acknowledge examples of great company culture. In addition to surveying the Moloco team about their experiences in the workplace, Great Place To Work also learned about Moloco’s recent global initiatives: Moloco Love and Stop AAPI Hate.

Moloco Love is a social good initiative designed to deliver positive impact around the world and within local communities. Moloco Love has led to a variety of projects, including the donation of lunches purchased at local restaurants to hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area to support first responders, providing laptops to children’s schools in Korea, donating groceries to families in Singapore, donating lunches to children in Palo Alto, and a donation-matching program to support Black Lives Matter.

Moloco hosted Dr. Russell Jeung, co-founder of the Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate (Stop AAPI Hate) project, as a guest speaker, raising awareness for Stop AAPI Hate. Moloco also published an educational post to showcase Dr. Jeung’s efforts, statistics on anti-AAPI harassment and discrimination, as well as a Q&A with Dr. Jeung aimed at how everyone can support and be an advocate for the AAPI community.

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