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Moloco announces Moloco Cloud Demand-Side Platform updates

April 13, 2022

Moloco announced updates to its cloud-based programmatic advertising platform, Moloco Cloud Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The latest updates focus on improving performance through intelligent budget allocation, automating workflows through smart campaign user interface and user experience (UI/UX), and ad creation.

Powered by Moloco’s proprietary machine learning algorithms that find users most likely to convert, the latest Moloco Cloud DSP updates include:

  • Optimized budget allocation: Moloco’s Weekly Budget Optimizer helps performance marketers get the most of their budget by optimizing spend toward the best performing days and hours of the week. Moloco Cloud DSP can take advantage of days of the week or time periods when the market is more favorable. Additionally, real-time data is continuously incorporated into the machine learning engine leading to improvements as the customer’s campaign progresses. The result is improved performance in meeting customers’ ROAS goals.
  • Intuitive campaign setup interface: As part of the company’s efforts to enhance the user experience for customers, Moloco’s new UI/UX updates enable marketers to set up their campaigns through an intuitive guided flow and experience built-in recommendations optimized for success. Moloco customers can now create new campaigns in 4 easy steps with built-in recommendations presented based on the campaign’s goals.
  • Auto-generated video end cards: When uploading a video as the campaign’s creative, Moloco Cloud DSP can now auto-generate video end cards in portrait, landscape and square formats. This auto-generated option eliminates the need for the customer to manually create and upload end card images. The resulting auto-generated end cards include the campaign app’s title, app logo, developer, review, and rating information.

“Thanks to Moloco's Weekly Budget Optimizer, we were able to decrease CPA by 20% and increase ROAS by 7.6% for our Android campaign and achieved a 12% CPA decrease and a 2% ROAS increase for our iOS campaign,” said Andrey Filatov - Head of Marketing at Original Games.

“Our DSP solution empowers growth marketers to leverage their own unique, first-party data to increase the returns on their advertising campaigns,” said Anurag Agrawal, Vice President of Product at Moloco. “These latest updates, combined with our powerful machine learning algorithms that pinpoint target audiences and adjust bidding strategies in real time, help our customers not only improve their overall campaign experience, but also help achieve greater accuracy and higher performance at lower cost.”

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