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Kevin Weatherman and Herman Yang to lead cloud enterprise growth

January 31, 2022

Moloco announced earlier this month that it has hired Kevin Weatherman as vice president of partnerships & cloud enterprise business development and Herman Yang as head of cloud enterprise.

Weatherman and Yang are both adtech and data veterans with experience working together at MoPub, where they grew the mobile advertising startup from $0 to $1 billion in gross revenue before its sale to Twitter in 2013. Weatherman and Yang also worked together most recently to develop and grow the exploratory data analytics platform Facet Data, which sold in September 2021 to a public social media company. At Moloco, they aim to build a cloud platform that provides flexibility, transparency, and control for companies that want to own and operate their own advertising and big data technology stack powered by Moloco’s award-winning machine learning (ML) engine.

Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning technology, the Moloco ML engine powers Moloco Cloud, a programmatic ad buying platform and the Moloco Retail Media Platform, an ad revenue solution for retailers. Moloco offers scalable infrastructure and proprietary machine learning algorithms based on 1st-party data to optimize performance for any business looking to leverage advertising to grow customers and increase revenue. Businesses in gaming, eCommerce, retail, fintech and delivery services are meeting their growth targets with Moloco.

“The knowledge and experience that Kevin and Herman bring will significantly contribute to our mission of providing the leading ML-based cloud platform for programmatic advertising and marketing,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO of Moloco. “They represent our continued commitment to make available to every company the same cutting edge machine learning technology that powers our own programmatic ads business.”

“I look forward to furthering Moloco’s vision of democratizing machine learning through an ad tech platform that provides the scalability, transparency and control that was previously only available to the largest consumer technology companies,” said Weatherman.

“Ultimately our goal is to help companies turn their most valuable asset — 1st-party data — into a competitive advantage through ML-as-a-service,” said Yang.

Kevin Weatherman previously served as vice president of business development at MoPub, as well as director, global strategic publisher sales at Twitter, and chief executive officer at Facet Data. He has worked to help publishers in adtech for 15 years at AdBrite & PubMatic before MoPub.

Herman Yang was previously vice president of product and general manager of publisher platform at MoPub/Twitter, as well as the chief strategy officer at Facet Data. He brings over 15 years of experience in enterprise SaaS, adtech / martech, and data analytics.

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