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Ikkjin Ahn, CEO of Moloco, named the Korean Marketer of the Year

November 17, 2021

Ikkjin Ahn has been named the 2021 Korean Marketer of the Year by the Korea Marketing Association (KMA).

The distinction was announced at the 9th Korea Brand Awards ceremony, hosted by the KMA. The annual award, held since 2013, is the most renowned award for excellence in brand management. The award aims to celebrate companies, institutions, and individuals through game-changing innovative solutions and pioneering new approaches in today’s complex marketing industry.

The KMA’s brand awards are divided into individual, group, and product and services categories. Accolades in the individual category include the CEO Award, the Korean Marketer of the Year, and the Brand Master.

The Korean Marketer of the Year award represents Mr. Ahn’s contributions in empowering performance marketers to thrive in the global marketplace by turning data into advertising performance and enhancing the competitiveness of Korea’s overall economy. Moloco Cloud DSP, a Demand Side Platform (DSP), has helped companies to expand into global markets, drive growth and accelerate revenue growth. The DSP enables advertisers to programmatically purchase ad inventory across the mobile app ecosystem and provides marketers with the benefits of machine learning with full transparency, in contrast to the walled gardens that dominate ad budgets.

“I am honored to be recognized for Moloco’s achievements in making machine learning accessible to companies of all sizes,” said Mr. Ahn. “The Moloco Cloud enables small companies to use a transparent and sophisticated machine learning technology when carrying out marketing strategies for mobile users around the globe. This award reinforces Moloco’s future commitment in helping more companies achieve rapid growth by leveraging their 1st party data.”

Moloco was founded in 2013 by Ahn, an early machine learning engineer at YouTube, part of Google. He was a pioneer of machine learning at YouTube and Android, where he developed significant parts of the company’s data and machine learning infrastructure. He founded Moloco with the vision of making sophisticated machine learning algorithms available as a cloud service to a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Moloco has been identified as a unicorn company this year, exceeding $1 billion in corporate value. The company has been selected as a Customer Award Winner in the Cross-Industry category as part of the first annual Google Cloud Customer Awards.

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