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Yanolja re-engaged with high-value customers using Moloco

Jinsil Choi
JeongYong Huh

July 27, 2023

About Yanolja

Yanolja is South Korea's No.1 travel and leisure app with over 15 million users, dedicated to delivering personalized benefits and services for the ultimate customer experience. Yanolja partnered with a major credit card company in Korea, Hyundai Card, to launch the NOL Card — a PLCC (Private Label Credit Card) for travel and leisure. The NOL Card provides customers with the best experience in their daily lives and travels by offering exclusive benefits and discounts to users when they make payments on various platforms, including Yanolja's platform.

About Yanolja (source: Yanolja official homepage)


  • Yanolja's goal for the NOL Card promotion was to increase conversions (card registrations) from existing customers.

  • Limitations with push notification ads where Yanolja could not reach users that opted out of app marketing consent.

  • For finance products, stringent ad review processes by The Credit Finance Association were required to prevent exposure to misleading ads.

Yanolja's goal for the NOL Card promotion was to increase conversions (card registrations) from their existing loyal customers. Yanolja previously had been promoting PLCC through in-app push notifications. This advertising approach leveraging their app and CRM data had the advantage of driving engagement and conversions from existing users at lower costs. 

However, this strategy faced a critical challenge with the rise of privacy concerns. Many users opted out of app marketing consent, limiting Yanolja's ability to reach existing users within their app. To address this challenge, Yanolja needed to select a DSP as a new marketing channel to effectively target opt-out users on the open internet. 

Another concern was ensuring brand safety, given the stringent review processes by the Credit Finance Association — a non-profit organization in Korea that represents the credit financing industry — for advertising finance products to prevent exposure to misleading ads. This compliance requirement added a layer of complexity to their strategy in leveraging a DSP.

These combined challenges meant Yanolja needed a reliable DSP solution to reach high-value existing customers on the open internet while adhering to strict ad compliance and ensuring brand safety.


Yanolja chose Moloco Cloud DSP for the PLCC re-engagement campaign, relying on the strong performance that Yanolja had experienced from previous campaigns. 

Reaching opt-out app marketing content users 

By integrating Yanolja’s CRM data into the Moloco Cloud DSP, Yanolja successfully reached and drove conversions of users on the open internet who were previously unreachable on their own app. Specifically, Yanolja’s CRM data comprised high-value users most likely to convert, where based on this data, Moloco trained Cost per Action (CPA) model customized for Yanolja to optimize the performance of the PLCC campaign. 

Compliance with finance product ads 

Moloco Cloud DSP displayed ads in a suitable and safe environment that aligned with Yanolja and Hyundai Card's brand image and ensured a smooth ad review process. Despite the stringent approval process for finance products, this wasn’t an issue for Moloco given the high level of trust in the industry and evidenced by industry acknowledgments including IAB (International Advertising Bureau) Gold 2.0 certificate.*

*The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is an association that establishes global standards for the advertising industry and certifies trustworthy advertising platforms. Among the certifications offered by IAB, the highest level is the 'Gold' certification, which is exclusively awarded to platforms that meet stringent criteria and successfully pass an audit.

NOL Card campaign creatives


By partnering with Moloco, Yanolja achieved a significant increase in conversion volume with an excellent CPA. This was possible thanks to Moloco’s advanced machine-learning model that leveraged Yanolja’s first-party data to reach high-value users. Experiencing successful results, Yanolja continues its partnership with Moloco to deliver value to customers on the open internet beyond its platform. 

Using Moloco's Cloud DSP, we were able to reach customers who were previously unreachable via CRM marketing with higher scalability, achieve increased conversion volume with excellent CPA.
— Performance Ad Team at Yanolja




Seoul, Korea


Travel & Leisure


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