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Samsung Securities achieved growth in installs and account openings with Moloco Ads

Jinsil Choi
JeongYong Huh

February 23, 2024


Samsung Securities is South Korea's leading comprehensive financial investment company dedicated to enhancing consumers' lives and achieving mutual growth through investment. Samsung Securities offers a range of financial services, including securities brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, and fund operation, in addition to providing differentiated products and tailored solutions to make investment more accessible to consumers through performance-based app marketing.

MadUp is a prominent mobile performance agency in South Korea that achieves innovative results based on its excellent technology. MadUp holds a diverse portfolio spanning various verticals, including finance, fashion, and e-commerce.


Samsung Securities' primary goal was to acquire new users for its mobile app, 'mPOP,' and increase account opening conversions — 'mPOP' is an all-in-one financial mobile app that streamlines trading information, enables users to open accounts, engages in domestic and international stock trading, helps conduct financial transactions, and manages assets. To enhance the user experience, Samsung Securities aimed to drive account openings through the mobile app. However, the complex and time-consuming process of opening accounts in the financial industry and stringent security and legal processes led to high user dropout rates. This posed a significant obstacle in effectively converting interested users into active consumers.



To drive up account openings, Samsung Securities worked closely with their mobile performance agency, MadUp, to engage in a strategic partnership with Moloco. Having previously experienced excellent installation performance with Moloco, surpassing other platforms, Samsung Securities recognized the value in this collaboration. The collective aim was to implement effective user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns while leveraging Moloco's advanced Machine Learning(ML) technology to target and acquire high-value users.

Moloco and MadUp developed in-app action optimization campaigns using the Moloco Ads platform, enabling new and existing users to complete the account opening process. The ML algorithms, utilizing Moloco's extensive reach on the open internet beyond walled gardens, efficiently identified high-value users across a broad range of app inventories. Leveraging Samsung Securities' unique first-party data, Moloco's ML model predicted and targeted users most likely to move from app installation to account opening.

To address the complex account opening process, MadUp used granular data from the Moloco Ads platform for campaign refinement and optimization. In addition, Moloco and MadUp conducted a series of tests to pinpoint the most effective funnel events and high-efficiency ad inventories. This approach led to significant enhancements in campaign performance, with ads strategically placed in premium inventories connected to Moloco. Notably, campaigns on Moloco Ads outperformed those on specific premium ad platforms.


In collaboration with Moloco and MadUp, Samsung Securities successfully increased new users and account opening engagement, outperforming web campaigns. In contrast to traditional web-focused marketing in the domestic securities market, Samsung Securities experienced measurable and performance-based marketing specifically tailored for mobile apps through Moloco.

  • Increased installs by 10X
  • Improved account opening CPA by 1.5X (vs. other channels)
  • Increased account openings by 42% following campaign launch

"Moloco considers various aspects for the customer’s success in marketing and will be a great partner for advertisers facing challenges with app campaigns. Samsung Securities was at the stage of gaining experience in app marketing and Moloco provided rapid support, considering the complex nature of the financial industry, supporting us from campaign design to providing various data insights and initiating various tests. This greatly contributed to positive results." — Kim Joo-gon, Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy Team, Samsung Securities


Samsung Securities


Seoul, South Korea




Moloco Ads

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