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Rummytime acquired high-value users with Moloco's operational machine learning

Minjung Choi
Sudeep Singh

February 5, 2024

About Rummytime

Launched in 2020, Rummytime quickly became India's leading online rummy game. With a player base of over 10 million, Rummytime is committed to providing a top-tier gaming platform and offering an immersive visual experience, digital safety, and secured withdrawals backed by ISO certification and RNG verification.


In the competitive Real Money Gaming (RMG) vertical, Rummytime focused on attracting active, high-value payers and maximizing initial deposit rates. Their main performance metrics were the cost per first transaction and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to focus on maximizing in-app revenue and efficiency in advertising investment. Rummytime needed a premier advertising solution that could effectively navigate the complexities of the RMG market and deliver on these KPIs, particularly in a diverse market with varied user behaviors and preferences.


Rummytime's collaboration with Moloco was strategic to tackle the unique challenges of the Indian RMG market. By harnessing Moloco's advanced machine learning technology, Rummytime gained the capability to actively identify and target high-value users on the open internet outside of walled gardens through several key elements:

  1. User acquisition: Leveraging Moloco's deep learning models, Rummytime optimized its user acquisition strategy to target users likely to engage and transact within the app. This precise targeting strategy allowed Rummytime to channel its advertising spend towards users with the highest potential for first-time and recurring (repeat) deposits.
  1. Creative and geographic targeted optimization: Moloco's precise geo fencing capability enhanced region-specific delivery of Rummytime ads in India's varied geography. This ad localization and Moloco's extensive reach on the open internet maximizes user engagement and conversion rates.

Moloco's tailored solution, integrating advanced machine learning with precise targeting on the open internet, effectively bridged the gap between Rummytime's goals and the diverse gaming landscape of India.


The strategic collaboration with Moloco marked a significant milestone for Rummytime regarding user growth, improved cost per acquisition, and the power of leveraging machine learning technology to grow on the open internet.

  • Increased conversions by 2X
  • Improved IPM (Install-per-Impression) by 2.3X
  • Enhanced I2A% (Install-to-Action percentage) by 3.3X

"Moloco has been an exceptional partner in our mobile advertising journey. Their innovative approach, leveraging machine learning, delivers personalized ads that resonate with our audience, resulting in improved performance and ROI. Moloco stands out for their deep commitment to our marketing success, offering not just a service, but a partnership that drives growth." — Divya Alok Agarwal, Director, Rummytime








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