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Jar grew paid user base by 7X through Moloco on the open internet

Himanshu Gupta

April 10, 2024

About Jar

Jar is a micro-savings mobile app based in Bharat, India, that helps users build better financial habits by providing access to automated financial products and services. Jar also offers flexible lines of credit with instant access to funds and contextual health insurance to better respond to financial emergencies.


Jar aimed to attract and retain quality Android users who were likely to invest in digital gold and save regularly on the app. In India, scaling user acquisition effectively, affordably, and precisely is challenging due to the competitive and fragmented Android user market. Typically, apps like Jar are limited to walled gardens or self-attributing networks (SANs), which limit user data transparency and reach. Despite these challenges, Jar was committed to expanding its user base swiftly, sustainably, and economically, looking to broaden its user acquisition beyond these confines and into the open internet.


Jar partnered with Moloco to develop a marketing strategy using Moloco's advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities. This strategy helped Jar precisely target users likely to enroll in autopay sign-ups, reaching beyond the confines of walled gardens and into the vast open internet.

Utilizing granular, state-level targeting, an essential strategy in India's diverse market, Moloco's ML identified top-performing states for targeted marketing campaigns. Through precise targeting, Jar found high-value users and delivered relevant ads at the right time for the right price, maximizing both the impact of the ad and the efficiency of the campaign spending.

Moloco's ML-driven solution provided comprehensive log-level data, offering valuable insights into publishers, creatives, and exchanges. This level of transparency empowered Jar to manage its campaigns dynamically, utilizing its first-party data further to improve return on ad spend (ROAS). Moloco facilitated this process with quick campaign setups, seamless integrations, expert guidance, and responsive support.


Moloco achieved effective ROAS and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) performance and actively provided recommendations from a team of global experts. Jar and Moloco plan to build on these initial results to serve relevant ads to high-value users through precise targeting and timely placement.

  • Grew paid users by 7X while outperforming customer acquisition cost (CAC) targets
  • Increased D7 ROAS by 1.5X
  • Sustainably scaled ROAS campaigns by 3X in 3 months

“Moloco enables Jar to achieve our user acquisition and ROAS goals. Its user-friendly and efficient dashboard makes launching and managing  campaigns super easy versus other platforms. Team provides tailored solutions to target the right audience with efficiency resulting in improved ad performance.”
— Suraj, Head Performance Marketing, JAR








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