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Gameberry Studio achieved 110% target ROAS with Moloco Ads

Jinsil Choi
Dabin Son

March 4, 2024

About Gameberry Studio

Gameberry Studio is a hybrid casual game developer based in Korea with a team of experts dedicated to creating games that provide enjoyable experiences for global players. GameBerry Studio's titles include Hunter Raid, ZOMBIE Kingdom, Dark Clan, and Awesome Devil. Among them, Hunter Raid recorded 1.3 million downloads within six months of release based on a solid story and seamless UI, and it continues to be loved by global users across various countries.


GameBerry Studio set a key objective for their 'Hunter Raid' title: to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by acquiring new users, explicitly targeting high-value users to revenue on both domestic and global scales. The goal was to drive sustained growth for their app. GameBerry began with test campaigns on a limited budget, then scaled based on initial results. However, the stringent requirements of various media platforms, such as specific budget thresholds and campaign durations, hindered their ability to conduct flexible testing and posed challenges in achieving high ROAS targets and rapid campaign expansion.

In addition, Gameberry needed quick updates to ad creatives driven by frequent game updates, promotions, and various target countries. This compounded the need for an efficient solution that could adapt to the fast-paced changes without the constant need to tailor creatives to numerous ad formats manually.


GameBerry Studio partnered with Moloco to address their ROAS challenges by leveraging Moloco's advanced machine learning solution to target and acquire high-value users across the open internet beyond the walled gardens. This collaboration focused on several key strategies for global user acquisition:

  • Effective user acquisition and optimization: GameBerry utilized Moloco's sophisticated deep learning models to refine their user acquisition strategy. Through Moloco, Gameberry focused on identifying users most likely to engage meaningfully with 'Hunter Raid,' optimizing ad spending to target those with the highest potential for engagement and revenue. This approach allowed for a more efficient ad budget allocation, aligning closely with their ROAS objectives. Also, trained on GameBerry Studio's comprehensive first-party data, Moloco's ML model rapidly optimized campaigns and delivered high performance within the limited budget. Utilizing this unique, high-quality data for pre-launch learning sets Moloco apart from other DSPs, which typically start training post-campaign launch with fewer data samples.
  • Creative and geographic targeting: GameBerry harnessed Moloco's robust targeting capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. By utilizing Moloco's multi-country targeting, they could pinpoint countries yielding the best ROAS, streamlining campaign management and enhancing overall performance. Furthermore, Moloco's auto-generated creative feature was instrumental in rapidly adapting ads to various languages, a critical factor in GameBerry's efforts to reach a global audience.
  • Premium inventory reach: GameBerry leveraged Moloco's connections with top ad exchanges, like Kakao, to gain access to premium advertising spaces. This strategy extended beyond simple brand visibility, focusing instead on attracting users who would add significant value. Utilizing Moloco's machine learning model for efficient real-time bidding, GameBerry ensured their ads served the right users at the right time for the right price without overextending their budget. Additionally, Moloco provided expert guidance in ensuring that GameBerry's ads met each platform's specific requirements, aiding in smooth and effective campaign implementation.


Even with the potential constraints of iOS campaigns, Gameberry Studio successfully attained impressive outcomes through Moloco's advanced machine learning capabilities and access to high-quality inventory.

  • Achieved a target ROAS of 110%
  • Exceeded ROAS target by 50% on premium inventory (Korea campaign)
  • Increased install volume by 10X after campaign launch
  • Increased budget by 7X after campaign launch

"Compared to other DSPs, we were able to operate test campaigns with an appropriate budget while making rapid progress in the campaign data learning, enabling efficient campaign execution. Especially, utilizing the Multi-country targeting feature allowed us to explore countries suitable for our app titles more efficiently." - Hyemin Lee, UA Manager, GameBerry Studio


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