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en Japan achieved 11.2X installs in 4 months with Moloco

WenHsin Chien
Jen Kwak

March 20, 2024

About en Japan

en Japan is a pioneering job information service provider known for its trailblazing launch of an online job information site in 1995. It has since expanded its services to include a comprehensive job search service, "En Tenshoku," a job scouting service, "AMBI” for young, top-tier professionals, and "Engage," a part-time job and employee recruitment service.


en Japan faced the challenge of advertising its “En Tenshoku” app efficiently and cost-effectively to a broader audience, specifically targeting Gen-Z job seekers. They also grappled with the intense competition for ad spaces on large platforms like Yahoo! JAPAN, LINE, Instagram, and TikTok. This competition escalated costs, and their past experiences with other DSPs yielded underwhelming results, including concerns over ads displayed on inappropriate sites.


en Japan turned to Moloco for a solution to scale their mobile app marketing strategies on the open internet outside of walled gardens. By leveraging Moloco’s advanced ML technology, it offers en Japan a clean digital advertising solution that can achieve performance in targeting high-value users. en Japan started their campaign with a modest budget, using ad creatives from other platforms. Moloco-driven users showed high conversion rates following an increase in app installs, and the performance was significantly better than users acquired through other channels. The high performance of the Moloco campaign, coupled with a very low Cost Per Install (CPI) and virtually no ad fraud, led to an overwhelming success.


Moreover, Moloco's immediate support and proactive suggestions for creative performance enhancement garnered substantial appreciation from en Japan. With this success, en Japan plans to extend their Moloco campaigns to other apps, AMBI and Engage. And they're also exploring utilizing Moloco's new feature, "Custom Product Page (CPP)," to create segmented App Store product pages.

  • Increased installs by 11.2X (December 2022 to March 2023)
  • Overall user registration rate hit 25% (December 2022 to March 2023)

“The CPI was so low that I was worried at first. However, when we found that there was no fraud, we realized that we were really attracting the right members.”

— Anju Tsuchiya, Digital Marketing Department Lead


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