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Trebel reduced CPI by 10% in global expansion with Appvertiser and Moloco

Dario Sheikh

December 13, 2023


Trebel Music is the only free music app that lets users listen to their favorite tracks offline, on-demand, and anytime. Users can enjoy music without an internet connection, completely free of charge. Seeking to further engage with its current users and expand into key markets, Trebel Music teamed up with Appvertiser, a specialized agency focused on app performance marketing. 

Appvertiser simplifies growth for leading gaming titles by working as an extension of in-house mobile marketing teams supporting soft launches, paid UA, organic growth, and creative production.


Trebel had its sights on expanding into the new markets of Colombia and Indonesia, each with distinct musical tastes and cultural nuances. For a successful expansion in each region, a bespoke marketing strategy was needed to drive app installs and increase user engagement. To maximize reach and impact, Trebel wanted to gain incremental users outside of the walled gardens on the open internet, where the majority of users spend their time.


Moloco and Appvertiser collaborated to develop a strategy for Trebel that targeted untapped local channels and created regionally relevant campaigns for users in each market. Appvertiser designed a localized creative strategy based on matching creatives featuring local artists and trending genres to attain installs and registrations. By connecting to more than 34 ad exchanges, Moloco’s expansive reach covers 3 million apps and 7 billion devices which enabled Trebel to scale seamlessly on the open internet outside of walled gardens. This collaborative effort also hinged on data-driven creative optimization that relied on detailed analyses by both Moloco and Appvertiser, which gave Trebel granular and actionable insights to maximize impact.

Additionally, Moloco rolled out campaigns on Android to reach a wider audience and attract diverse users. The joint strategy between Moloco and Appvertiser saw significant business impact for Trebel by increasing new users while also driving increased user engagement.


The strategic collaborations between Trebel, Appvertiser, and Moloco resulted in measurable outcomes that included:

  • Reduced Cost per Installs (CPI) by 10%
  • Improved registration rate by 15%
  • Achieved 2 million Monthly Average Users (MAU) in Indonesia
  • Scaled ad spend by 20-40% MoM for each regional market

“Our collaboration with Moloco unlocked new opportunities as a premier open internet partner outside of traditional walled gardens, allowing us to engage with audiences in a culturally relevant and impactful way. The success of our tailored strategies in enhancing user engagement and increasing app installations for Trebel is a testament to our partnership and shared commitment to innovation and results-driven marketing.”— Gabriela Morales, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Appvertiser


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