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AB Leisure’s BingoPlus app grew new user registrations by 4.7X with Moloco

Brandon Toh

March 29, 2024

About AB Leisure

AB Leisure Exponent, Inc. (ABLE) is a Philippines-based bingo gaming company that offers traditional and electronic Bingo, online Bingo, and other games like pull tabs and rapid Bingo. As the first to introduce live streaming Bingo through its platform, ABLE leads professional bingo gaming with 124 sites nationwide, encompassing BingoPlus, e-casino, and hybrid Bingo Boutiques.


AB Leisure faced challenges acquiring high-value users for their BingoPlus app on iOS and Android platforms within the confines of Self-Attributed Networks (SANs), also called walled gardens. The primary objective was to optimize the cost for each first-time deposit, their primary key performance indicator. They needed to find an optimal balance between reaching a wider audience and maintaining the cost efficiency of each user acquisition. Additionally, AB Leisure was exploring scaling opportunities on the open internet outside of walled gardens, recognizing its potential for wider reach despite this broader digital landscape's inherent complexities and unique challenges.


To effectively acquire high-value users for their BingoPlus app beyond traditional platforms, AB Leisure partnered with Moloco. This partnership leveraged Moloco's expansive reach, encompassing 6.7 billion devices and 3 million apps, to execute cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns across the open internet. Utilizing Moloco's Machine Learning (ML) solution for CPA bidding, AB Leisure strategically targeted and acquired high-value users for BingoPlus.

The campaign's primary goal was to boost app installs and user registrations, setting the stage for further strategic optimization and reducing the cost per first-time deposit. This process involved iterative testing with Moloco to target and engage potential BingoPlus users precisely. Key tactics included:

  • Optimizing Autostore for iOS campaigns: Improve visibility and user engagement through enhancing app store settings, increasing the overall effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Leveraging Moloco's ML expertise: Moloco's 'register optimization' targeted users based on real-time behavior analysis, refining the campaigns for better outcomes.
  • Using detailed postback data for performance improvement: AB Leisure provided only limited postback data in December, enabling only basic adjustments to the campaign. Come January, with access to full postback data and real-time feedback on in-app user activities, the ability to make rapid, effective adjustments significantly improved, enhancing the overall campaign performance.
  • Expanding audience reach with ML: Moloco's ML capabilities in CPA bidding and creative optimization enabled AB Leisure to extend its reach, offsetting limitations associated with iOS tracking.

Over three months, AB Leisure tripled its budget for the Moloco campaigns and maintained steady register-to-deposit conversion rates for BingoPlus.


The collaboration between AB Leisure and Moloco from November 2023 to January 2024 was instrumental in growing the BingoPlus app's user base.

  • Increased user registrations by 4.7x 
  • Increased first deposits by 2.4x
  • Sustained register-to-deposit conversion rate for iOS by 50-60% 

"Partnering with Moloco over the past year has been invaluable. Despite market challenges and fluctuating KPIs, their unwavering support and strategic recommendations have helped us adapt and grow. Their dedicated account managers truly prioritize our success, making them the perfect fit for navigating the ups and downs of our app, BingoPlus."
— LJ Mindalano, Channel Operations, ABLE


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