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The power of machine learning. 
Now serving all businesses.

The secret to the success of big tech advertising solutions is machine learning. 
Moloco Cloud DSP finally makes advanced operational machine learning available outside these “walled gardens,” 
bringing that massive growth potential to businesses on the open internet.

And with our new self-serve interface, Moloco Cloud DSP is now available to businesses of any size.

3 ways Moloco Cloud DSP helps grow your app:

Outcomes at scale


Grow with the same technology used by industry giants with our feature-rich, scalable advertising platform.

Full adaptability


Benefit from machine learning algorithms that fine-tune your ads for maximum performance.

Designed form performance and optimize for your unique goals


Craft compelling ad campaigns with intuitive tools and a wide array of creative options.

Get started in 3 simple steps

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Link your payment

Launch your campaigns

Top 5

Singular ROI Index (iOS) 2023

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“Moloco helped us acquire valuable users we needed  to hit our ROAS targets, and enabled us to reach new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise”

— Nick Cullen, User Acquisition Manager, GameHive

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