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Spot key trends over time with your marketplace dashboard.

With Moloco, you not only gain an additional revenue stream and path to profitable growth, but also strategic insights based on your own first-party data. Identify new user cohorts, target customer segments, and provide constructive feedback to your merchants to help them improve ROAS. See aggregate performance across all merchants or dive into granular performance metrics for all merchants. Download and export data for sharing and further analysis.

E-commerce campaign dashboard

Give merchants control with a self-serve campaign manager.

Let merchants run, test, and optimize their campaigns on your marketplace at their convenience. A self-serve campaign manager saves time for both your merchants and your own team.

Set up campaigns in minutes

Enable your merchants to create and manage fully ROAS-optimized campaigns in minutes via Moloco’s self-serve platform. Our machine learning engine ensures that the most relevant ads are served natively to the right shopper in your ad slot of choice.

Leverage multiple ad formats

Moloco’s Retail Media Platform offers multiple ad formats across the buyer journey. Choose any or all of the formats that work best for your marketplace, your merchants, and your shoppers. Automatically optimize ROAS using built-in models. Gain insights into performance with transparent reporting.

E-commerce campaign manager

Engage shoppers across the entire journey.

Allow your merchants to engage your customers wherever they are in their shopping experience – when they're searching for products, in discovery mode, or actively comparing items.


Welcome your returning customers with a personalized homepage that caters to their preferences and shortens the time to discovery and purchase.

Search results page

Help shoppers find what they need and accelerate your merchants’ audience targeting by getting in front of the right customers with sponsored ads in your search results.

Product detail page

Increase your average order value (AOV) with sponsored ads on your product detail pages. Enable merchants to promote items and services your shoppers may not realize they need, but can’t live without.

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Optimize your merchants' ad performance with Moloco’s machine learning engine.

Moloco’s personalization engine powers recommendations via a Deep Neural Network (DNN) that optimizes immediately, iteratively, and in real time. It’s how we know the right products to offer the right customer when it matters most.

Recommendations that move the needle

Any recommender can promote buns to shoppers who put hot dogs in their carts. But suggesting the obvious won’t move the needle for your merchants. Our personalization engine finds intelligent, relevant, and contextual connections, so your merchants can offer pool noodles or cool outdoor lanterns to shoppers planning a summer gathering.

Automation at scale

Our machine-scale automation doesn’t rely on limited audience segments. We look at every one of the 350 billion ad impressions we see each day and calculate the probability of monetization for your merchant’s campaign. It’s how we scale and how we avoid diminishing returns.

Rapid and sustained ROAS

Moloco starts learning as soon as first-party data is ingested, building its targeting criteria even before your merchants purchase their first ad impression. By combining eight simultaneous model inferences per bid request – from user conversion likelihood to price optimization and fraud prevention – we deliver the highest return on ad spend for any size customer base and any size budget.

Adaptability means future-proof

Most platforms adapt slowly to change and rely narrowly on signals from past performance. Moloco trains on a much broader set of context-relevant signals and actually improves as policies change over time. Moloco’s DNN requires only small amounts of first-party data to start powering accurate predictions, with no dependency on third-party user data that may be erroneous, irrelevant, or subject to privacy concerns.

Guide to launching a retail media network

6 key ingredients for a retail media network

A handy toolkit to create a game plan that works for you, your customers, and your merchant partners.

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Retail media in the age of privacy

As privacy regulations tighten around the world and further limit the use of third-party data, brands and vendors are looking to e-commerce marketplaces and retailers for a lifeline.

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