Jiyoung Heo

HR Business Partner, APAC

About my role 

Hello from Korea! I am Jiyoung Heo, HR Business Partner for the APAC region. As a member of the People team, I support the employee life cycle, making sure the employees go through the most pleasant and successful stages—starting from day 1 at Moloco. That is, helping all employees understand and blend in with our company culture, perform well in their job, and get better in their roles to advance their career through various policies and programs. 

Career background and what led me to Moloco

Majoring in psychology at university, I gradually became interested in organizational behavior—how people behave and what motivates them at work. With a desire to learn more about this field, I took the first step of joining the organization’s HR team myself to gain hands-on experience.   

Starting as an HR intern, I continued my HR journey by moving on to different companies in various industries, including software and finance. During my time at a previous company, I had a chance to relocate to headquarters in Germany after working more than 8 years as the head of HR, Korea. This was a key opportunity for me to expand my role globally and take part in creating a positive work culture and ensuring the success of employees in various countries across Europe.

With a desire to make further impact across the globe, I decided to join Moloco as a next step in my journey. Here, I am able to create impact across the APAC region, including Korea, China, Singapore and Japan. What also drew me to Moloco was the explosive growth, where I could be part of the exciting journey, contributing to and learning from this growing environment. 

At Moloco

I believe this fast-growth we are experiencing as a company is possible due to the employee’s proactive attitude of desiring to grow. At Moloco, each individual's efforts are acknowledged and directly affect the company's success. This is what keeps us self-motivated and proactive even within a highly autonomous working environment (unlimited holidays, flexible work hours & work from home policy… and more!), knowing that we will be able to not only get compensated through various benefits and policies, but also achieve growth—both on a professional and personal level. 

Jiyoung Heo Employee Story

What really surprised me was the result of the employee satisfaction survey. Various engagement-related questions, including the employee’s trust in leadership, great place to work scale, and their belief in Moloco’s growth potential, all scored over 90% along with other excellent results. This shows how much employees enjoy working at Moloco and are self-motivated to produce best results. Motivated by this, I strive to improve this positive work culture even more and ultimately to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, sees the potential for growth, and is acknowledged for their hard work.

Outside of work

I am a huge music fan! Jazz and city pop are my favorite genres out of all. I love talking about it with other music lovers and going to music festivals. Though not the best at playing an instrument, I’ve recently started learning jazz piano with my daughter, which I’m hoping to master one day! 

Jiyoung Heo Employee Story
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