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Moloco Announces Monetization Solution Powered by Machine Learning for Streaming Media and OTT Providers

February 23, 2023

Moloco, a leader in operational machine learning (ML) and performance advertising, today announced a new monetization solution for streaming media and OTT providers. Moloco’s solution helps content owners increase revenue by building unique ad businesses enabling them to serve a broader set of customers than in traditional linear TV businesses.

Media owners and distributors have seen a shift in consumer behavior driving the rapid adoption of streaming video as the preferred method of consuming content. The rise of streaming video provides an unprecedented business opportunity, but the complexity of building a large digital ad business requires more than simply porting over business practices that worked on linear TV. To be successful in digital, streaming platforms need to serve diverse advertisers with diverse goals, make it easy for advertisers to get started, and deliver ROI that keeps ad budgets growing. 

“Our media partners have created rich consumer offerings with content, audiences, and digital experiences that are unique to their business,” said Herman Yang, Head of Moloco Enterprise. “Our goal is to help platforms build a scalable and profitable ad business with Moloco’s machine learning technology by creating unique experiences for users and opportunities for their advertisers.”

While media companies have continued to meet and exceed consumer expectations by delivering compelling user experiences and content, very few have had access to the technology required to build a world-class digital ads business. As a result, the most sophisticated technology companies have come to dominate digital advertising. The walled gardens accounted for more than 75% of digital advertising expenditures last year. Those companies have invested heavily in machine learning over the past decade and built big businesses by fusing first-party data and ML. By leveraging similar cutting-edge operational ML as those big tech platforms, Moloco’s new full-funnel solution aims to provide these technologies through a fully programmatic platform for publishers. 

“Helping media businesses grow by leveraging the power of machine learning is core to Moloco’s founding vision.” said Ikkjin Ahn, founder and CEO of Moloco. “We’re democratizing those capabilities by making operational machine learning accessible to all businesses.”

By applying machine learning to help companies grow, Moloco has grown revenue by more than 5.0x in the past two years and facilitates more than $1 billion of ad expenditures annually for its customers.

About Moloco
Moloco’s mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to grow through operational machine learning. With Moloco’s machine learning platform for growth and performance, every app publisher and e-commerce marketplace can now unlock the value of their unique, first-party data. Moloco Cloud DSP enables performance marketers to quickly scale user acquisition and achieve greater lifetime value through market validated prediction models. Moloco Retail Media Platform enables commerce platforms to establish their own performance ads business. Moloco was founded in 2013 by a team of machine learning engineers and has offices throughout the US, the UK, Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore. For more information, visit

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