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DraftKings’ creative success with Moloco’s ML-powered dynamic ad creative placement

Min Hwi Joo

September 26, 2023

About DraftKings

DraftKings is a leading creator of casino, fantasy sports contests, and sports betting apps. They're recognized for their innovative approach to app marketing and excel in mobile advertising strategies, especially in crafting compelling ad creatives that capture attention and drive outcomes.


DraftKings has always been at the forefront of innovative marketing campaigns. Their holistic approach to mobile marketing, highlighted by standout ad creatives, continuous A/B testing, and varied formats, underscores their leadership in mobile user acquisition. Despite being a leader in mobile advertising, they identified a gap: the need to tap into advanced data insights and cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of their creative optimization.


DraftKings collaborated with Moloco to enhance creative optimization for their Sportsbook app's User Acquisition (UA) initiatives. Integrating Moloco's machine learning for precise dynamic ad placements effectively targets high-value users. ML-powered Moloco Ads leveraged first-party and contextual data, enabling DraftKings to curate highly relevant ads for individual users. As a result, DraftKings strategically developed dynamic sporting match-ups and betting odds creatives, and Moloco Ads delivered them to the right user at the right price.


By harnessing the power of Moloco's machine learning technology, DraftKings' UA campaigns achieved targeted relevance, heightened engagement, and remarkable conversions. The infusion of cutting-edge technology from Moloco refined DraftKings' creative optimization strategies, enabling a more personalized user experience while amplifying the efficacy of their mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Improved installs per thousand impressions (IPM) by 13% compared to static display
  • Dynamic assets showed a 9% lower cost-per-first-time-deposit when compared to other creative assets  
At DraftKings, we always aim to stay in sync with our customers because we know how quickly the sports calendar moves and how important it is to stay relevant. Our overall creative strategy involves trying out different formats and messaging to see what resonates the most with the individuals that we're reaching. One of the key successes has been leveraging Moloco's ML in conjunction with our dynamic creatives to deliver highly relevant ads.
 — Justin Warshavsky, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing, DraftKings


Draft Kings


Boston, MA


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