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Moloco Recognized as a Google Cloud Premier Partner

Jongnam Lee
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May 26, 2023

Moloco has leveraged Google Cloud as an integral part of our technology stack for almost a decade. At the inaugural Google Cloud Customer Awards in 2021, we won in the Cross Industry category for sustained innovation, scaling, and growth. Today, we’re honored to be recognized as a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

With infrastructure built on Google Cloud from day 1, Moloco empowers businesses of all sizes to grow through operational machine learning. Google Cloud provides the integrated infrastructure that enables our machine learning models to create real value for our customers at a global scale. Currently, Google Cloud supports our three performance advertising offerings: Moloco Cloud Demand Side Platform, Moloco Retail Media Platform, and Moloco Monetization for Streaming and OTT.

We’re very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for us and our customers around the world. Thanks to the power of Google Cloud, we will continue to ensure that our machine learning models are able to perform and deliver with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy.

To learn more about how Moloco uses Google Cloud, please refer to this blog and video interview with Chang Lee, Vice President, Moloco Engineering.

For more on Moloco performance advertising services, please visit

Jongnam Lee

Solution Architect, Moloco Retail Media Platform

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