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Bucketplace transformed its retail media business to maximize growth and profitability


October 20, 2023

About Bucketplace

Bucketplace is a leading technology platform in Korea's home and living marketplace category. Bucketplace's OHouse is a fast-growing interior design marketplace app with over 20 million downloads and over 10,000 merchants.


As Bucketplace witnessed surging growth, its merchants voiced a pressing need for improved product discoverability targeted toward the right audience. The platform aimed to address this but needed an effective strategy to elevate product discoverability for their merchants.

While Bucketplace's OHouse was keen on introducing an advertising solution in response to their merchants' requests, they needed to be sure about its potential implications on their high bar for user satisfaction. Finding an advertising solution that maintained user relevance was a requirement to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user shopping experience.


Bucketplace decided to launch their ads business with Moloco Commerce Media, an enterprise software solution driven by Machine Learning (ML). This ML-powered solution enabled merchants to drive more product discoverability through ads while maintaining the user experience.

Bucketplace selected Moloco Commerce Media for its smart targeting, simple self-serve campaign management, and automated optimization capabilities. Moloco provided business consultancy and data expertise to accelerate and launch Moloco Commerce Media platform within three months. Bucketplace’s OHouse implemented Moloco’s ML-powered Commerce Media Platform, leading to profitability for Bucketplace with high ROAS for its advertisers. In addition, Moloco’s ML-powered Commerce Media Platform maintained the user shopping experience through ad personalization for each shopper based on their shopping history.



  • 4X increase in monthly ad revenue within one year
  • 2.5X monthly active advertisers with 85%+ of monthly advertiser retention 

With Moloco Retail Media Platform, we’re able to provide our merchants with a tool to increase sales via advertisements while improving the user experience through highly relevant product offerings.
 — Scott Lee, Head of CEO Offices, Bucketplace

Learn directly from the Bucketplace sellers about their experiences with Moloco's Retail Media Platform, at the recent Bucketplace Ad Insight Meetup event.




Seoul, Korea




Moloco Commerce Media

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