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BitMango re-engaged with high-value users and achieved 150% target ROAS

Jinsil Choi

December 18, 2023


BitMango, a global game publishing company, is beloved by players worldwide. Key genres include 'Bubble Shooter,' 'Match 3,' 'Blast Match,' and 'Brick Breaker,' with diverse titles like 'Word Cookies,' 'Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend,' and 'Brick out - Shoot the Ball.' The BitMango UA (User Acquisition) team is dedicated to achieving sustainable growth through agile decision-making and efficient optimization, driven by data.


For BitMango, achieving growth in both user volume and D7 ROAS was a crucial goal for the game’s growth. However, sustaining a high ROAS while increasing user volume is often challenging, because the number of high-value paying users within an expanding user base remains limited.

Especially since the 'Word Cookies' title is a long-standing game that has already engaged with a vast user base through prolonged marketing efforts, BitMango needed a new strategy to identify high-value users beyond acquiring new users through the UA campaign.

Word Cookies! ® - Apps on Google Play


Being a long partner of Moloco and having witnessed Moloco Cloud DSP's outstanding performance in past campaigns, BitMango confidently chose Moloco for their new campaign.

BitMango's strategy was to activate existing paying users through the retargeting campaign to achieve their D7 ROAS goal. BitMango and Moloco effectively leveraged the benefits of existing users—having a lower CPI yet resulting in higher ROAS. Specifically, the campaign targeted users who hadn't accessed the app in the last 7 days, encouraging them to make in-app purchases. This approach triggered repurchases from current paying users and also re-engaged those who had previously churned, leading to an increase in user volume* and enhanced ROAS performance.

*In retargeting campaigns, an increase in user volume includes the following:

(1) Engagement from inactive users who have the app.
(2) Re-installs from users who uninstalled the app.

Also, the custom CPA (Cost per Acquisition) model identified existing paying users most likely to convert and trained on BitMango's first-party data to optimize performance. Moloco’s machine learning model rapidly learned and optimized in real-time, identifying high-value users within 7 days, as opposed to the typical month-long period required by other channels.

Furthermore, BitMango benefited from Moloco Cloud DSP's user-friendly interface, enabling easy campaign setup and monitoring. Moloco’s expert team supported BitMango in developing tailored campaign data dashboards and insights to enhance performance.


Through the meticulous campaign strategy developed in partnership with Moloco, the advanced machine learning technology, and performance monitoring for continuous improvement, BitMango saw remarkable results:

  • Achieved 150% ROAS target 
  • Daily user volume increased by 3X
  • Decreased CPI by 2.5X compared to UA campaigns
  • Increased ad spending by 5X after the initial campaign launch  

These results are outstanding compared to US Android campaigns on other channels. BitMango continues its collaboration with Moloco, expanding the scale of the retargeting campaign.

"We had experiences where we were able to increase ad spending significantly while working with Moloco for different titles in the past. Moloco's unique strengths lie in the machine learning model that doesn't require an extended learning period compared to other channels, allowing significant cost and time savings. Also, its ability to precisely target various users that align with our campaign goal is one of the strengths we value.” Jisoo Park, Senior UA Specialist, BitMango




Seoul, Korea




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