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FREENOW reduced CPN by 62% with Moloco Ads

Sanam Lou

October 12, 2023


FREENOW, the Mobility Super App, offers users diverse transportation options across 150 cities in 9 European markets. FREENOW aggregates various mobility services, from taxis to e-mopeds, and enhances urban mobility efficiency and sustainability.


FREENOW, aiming to acquire users who register and make their first purchase within seven days, faced challenges with high CPIs (Cost Per Install) in their video campaigns. The introduction of iOS 14.5 further compounded their difficulties by severely limiting data access on iOS, causing steep declines in many of their marketing channels. Amid these constraints, FREENOW was laser-focused on overcoming these obstacles and finding effective channels to deliver high-value iOS users.


FREENOW partnered with Moloco to train its User Acquisition (UA) models using FREENOW's first-party data and contextual signals sourced from Moloco's expansive network of over 35 exchanges. Moloco's ML-powered solution implemented continuous A/B testing to identify the most cost-effective creative concepts for acquiring new users. Using StoreKit Ad Network (SKAN) as their source of truth for iOS measurement, Moloco's machine learning algorithms adeptly navigated the limited data constraints and delivered positive, successful results.


Through the partnership with Moloco, FREENOW dramatically decreased their CPN (cost per new active user) in the UK test campaigns. Moloco ML-powered solution effectively sourced more cost-efficient active user installs, specifically those who registered and completed a transaction within the initial seven days.

Capitalizing on Moloco's pre-trained models that leveraged FREENOW’s unattributed data, FREENOW quickly expanded its campaigns to five new regions.

  • Reduced CPN by 62% 
  • Quickly launched 5 new geos after 2 weeks
Moloco helped us use our first party data to acquire the new active users we needed. They’ve allowed us to reach new audiences by opening in-app inventory that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Working with them has been great!
 — Ara Salbashian , Head of Digital Marketing , FREENOW








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