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Moloco Hires Nikhil Raj, Retail Media Veteran, to Grow and Expand Retail Media Platform Business

Sunil Rayan

June 28, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Nikhil Raj has joined Moloco as Vice President of Retail Media Business, where he will focus on building our Retail Media Platform business and collaborating with customers to scale their commerce ads business. Most recently, he was a Partner at Bain and Company where he co-founded the Retail Media advisory practice enabling several global retail and eCommerce companies launch retail media businesses. Prior to Bain, Nikhil was on the co-founding leadership team for WalmartLabs via the acquisition of Kosmix. He started Walmart’s retail media business (WMX at that time), which reached $2.7B in FY23. Additionally, he built and led the customer acquisition team that grew Walmart eComm GMV 3X in four years. Nikhil is a fan of small, high performing teams with broad responsibility and empowerment, enabling high ownership with accountability.

Moloco’s Retail Media Platform enables commerce platforms to establish their own performance ads business. Moloco has launched scaled partnerships with Bucketplace, the leading marketplace for home furnishing in South Korea, as well as a leading food delivery app in South Korea with tens of thousands of restaurants actively advertising via the Moloco platform. 

Nikhil brings extensive experience with strategic and operational planning with retailers and marketplaces to build lasting ads businesses, as well as deep industry ties. We’re excited to couple his expertise with the powerful machine learning tools Moloco provides. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to join the Moloco team at this time. I have spent a dozen years in retail media from the early days at Walmart WMX (Connect). The top requirement from advertisers has always been that their investments are optimized real-time to deliver strong RoAS. While retail and marketplace platforms have unique first-party data to do so, the deep machine learning capabilities required to leverage that data are difficult to build. Moloco’s goal is to empower every retailer with such capabilities. Leveraging transformer models, deep learning, and operational machine learning at scale, the incredible team at Moloco is helping retailers and marketplaces deliver performance for their advertisers.
— Nikhil Raj, Vice President of Retail Media Business, Moloco

To learn more about Moloco and how its machine learning engine can create value for retail, e-commerce, and marketplace companies, check out this blog post How To Help Your Merchants Boost ROAS on Retail Media.

Sunil Rayan

Chief Business Officer

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