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Gamehaus’s apps exceeded ROAS by 58% with Moloco Ads

Jane Kuang

November 6, 2023

About Gamehaus

Gamehaus, a premier publishing game company, offers a broad portfolio of games, ranging from casual and puzzle genres to Slots, RPGs, and interactive stories. With a vision to provide immersive gaming experiences to a global audience, Gamehaus is committed to achieving excellence in mobile gaming. Gamehaus seeks to enhance its global market presence by publishing mid-core mobile games, while also engaging in collaborations with proficient game development studios capable of contributing to their expansive game portfolio.


In the competitive landscape of mobile app user acquisition, Gamehaus confronted the challenge of efficiently acquiring high-value users for their 'Whispers' mobile app game, along with slot titles like 'Double Win Slots Casino' and 'Grand Cash Casino Slots.' This task was further complicated by higher user acquisition costs and intensified competition. Moreover, Gamehaus faced the need to comply with increasingly stringent creative production standards as the ecosystem continually tightens creative policies. The shift made it crucial for Gamehaus to produce high-quality and relevant creatives.


To address the challenges, Gamehaus collaborated with Moloco Ads and leveraged the precise Machine Learning (ML) model to optimize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Moloco's ML algorithm enabled Gamehaus to precisely target and secure users with a high Lifetime Value (LTV), which enhances their primary goal: Day 7 Return on Ad Spend (D7 ROAS). To further drive D7 ROAS, Gamehaus leveraged additional Moloco ML-driven products such as the weekly budget optimizer and multi-country targeting techniques.

Additionally, Moloco Studio's creative production service generated high-performing and engaging creatives to complement Gamehaus's own in-house creative assets. The Moloco team's expertise was also crucial, providing Gamehaus with data-informed optimization strategies in the ever-evolving realm of creative production.


Through Moloco’s ML-powered solution, Gamehaus effectively acquired high-value users and surpassed their D7 ROAS expectations.

  • Exceeded D7 ROAS target by 58% (83% for Android, 40% for iOS)
  • Reduced CPI by 37% for ‘Whispers’ and 14% for slots titles
  • Increased total installs by 2.6X for ‘Whispers’ and slots titles
Our games achieved remarkable results on Moloco, rapidly establishing them as a pivotal partner that has played a significant role in driving our consistent business growth. Moloco’s Machine Learning (ML) algorithm greatly empowers our ROAS optimizing process, which makes our ads spend in a more effective way.
 — Carl Cai, CEO, Gamehaus




Shanghai, China




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