Yu-Sien Low

About my role 

Hi, I’m Yu-Sien Low. At Moloco, I work as a Head of Account Management for Greater China and Southeast Asia. 

Our team is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with existing clients. As the main bridge between our product/technology teams and clients, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals. As the head of the team, I ensure each team member understands the client's needs and based on this knowledge, provides strategic guidance to bring utmost value to their business. 

Career background and what led me to Moloco

I’ve always been interested in client-facing roles. Meeting various clients from different regions and industries, identifying their needs, and providing solutions as a strategic partner to help them achieve their goals is very fun and rewarding. For this reason, I started my career with a customer service and operations role in the semiconductor industry. 

After spending a couple of years at my first job, the ad tech industry started to grow and gain traction. As a next step in my career, I joined Google Singapore as an account strategist where I was responsible for driving growth of SMB companies. Since a lot of SMBs tend to be startups, it was exciting and at the same time rewarding to help them unlock their full potential. Learning about their needs, pain points, and their goals in growing their business and how their product and services contribute to the society was a valuable experience. 

Gaining expertise in the ad tech industry and account management role at Google, I moved on to another global ad tech company where I once again managed SMB clients as well as enterprise-scale clients. With a desire to further help companies grow with the power of advertising technology, I wanted to continue my journey in the ad tech industry and therefore decided to join Moloco. 

At Moloco

A day in the life at Moloco is very exciting, and what surprises me the most is the people. People at Moloco are super smart, tech-driven, and highly motivated – working as problem solvers not because they are told to do so. At the same time, people operate with openness and humility, being well aware that it is our differences that makes us better as individuals and as a company. For this reason, employees of all levels can comfortably lean on each other as mentors to gain nuggets of knowledge in not only improving our hard skills but also gaining wisdom – both professionally and personally. 

Surrounded by talented and humble people in a company that is experiencing explosive growth, I am motivated to continue to strive to do things that bring an impact to the people and company. I can proudly say that Moloco is the best company out of all my more than 20 years of experience!

Fun fact!

After working in the semiconductor industry and before moving into the world of ad tech, I was a full-time yoga instructor. I taught yoga in community clubs and at home, and was even on TV! Though I’m no longer a yoga instructor, I still enjoy doing yoga. Aside from this, I also like going to the park for a walk and watching America’s Got Talent on YouTube.

Yu-Sien Low Employee Story Meditation By Lake

Yu-Sien Low Employee Story Meditation By Lake
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