Ted Romer

As an engineering manager, I care deeply about understanding the motivations and goals of the people I work with.

Hi, I’m Ted, a software engineering manager on the infrastructure team -- we build the systems that power Moloco’s Mobile DSP product. You can learn more about those systems here and here.

I joined Moloco after over 10 years at Google because (1) the values and goals of the company are aligned with my own, and (2) the solid foundation of the company’s people, technology, and culture along with the company’s rapid growth means that the impact of everything my team and I do is magnified.

As an engineering manager, I care deeply about understanding the motivations and goals of the people I work with; and about helping them continually learn and grow in their careers in ways that are fulfilling for them personally and that enable them to deliver high-impact results that are in line with the company’s purpose and goals. It is extremely important to me to build teams that value psychological safety, inclusiveness and belonging, and that are collaborative -- I often tell people “the problems we’re trying to tackle are too hard for one brain to solve.” Teams with a healthy, inclusive culture will tend to attract and retain people with diverse identities and backgrounds, which in turn makes the team even stronger.

It is also important to me personally to work with talented and driven colleagues on challenging problems that matter, and on each of those dimensions Moloco more than exceeded the high expectations I had when I joined in February 2021. I’ve worked on teams with amazing engineers as a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington, at Amazon, and Google, and the engineers I’m working with at Moloco would be exceptional on any of those teams.

On the personal side: I grew up in Massachusetts in a family of 5, where I got an early taste for software and collaboration learning the ins and outs of Amherst College’s DEC VAX 11/780 computer. I took some detours before getting my education and professional life underway, including hitchhiking both directions across the United States, trying to win at roulette using math, physics, electrical engineering, and writing assembler code for a pocket TRS-80 computer, driving a school bus, and making jewelry.

I’m married with a daughter who is passionate about music and speed-running video games (both by humans and bots), including appearances at Games Done Quick and Frost Fatales fundraising events. I love reading, bicycling, kayaking, a bit of DIY remodeling, and just relaxing with friends and family. I bike to work when I can -- currently I rely on an e-bike to help me up the hill on the way home.

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