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Rovio’s Angry Birds exceeded ROAS targets by 10% with Moloco Ads

Olga Shipunova

October 9, 2023

About Rovio

Rovio, a Finnish gaming company founded in 2003, achieved monumental success in 2009 with their 52nd game, "Angry Birds." The iconic mobile game later expanded into a franchise with titles like Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Dream Blast, and Angry Birds Journey.


After the 2021 launch of Angry Birds Journey, Rovio faced the challenge of expanding its user base in the US. The company was searching for a strategic partner to effectively reach and consistently retain high-value users to further scale the title's prominence.


Rovio partnered with Moloco Ads to leverage its expansive reach, which connects to more than 34 ad exchanges that cover 2.7 million apps, 7 billion devices, and 190 countries. To leverage this immense amount of data, Moloco's Machine Learning (ML) infrastructure is unparalleled and processes over 600 billion bid requests per day and makes each prediction in less than 14 milliseconds. By harnessing contextual data and Rovio’s 1P data from Angry Birds app users, Moloco’s ML algorithms ensured ads were precisely tailored and delivered to potential high-value users across the open internet. Singular, a prominent mobile measurement partner, provided real-time performance metrics with rich insights for Rovio to up-level its holistic marketing strategy.


With Moloco’s advanced ML algorithms, Rovio was able to scale, acquire, and retain more diverse, high-value users than their prior campaigns.

  • Exceeded ROAS goal by 10% week-over-week
  • Exceeded retention expectations at D3, D7, and D30 milestones
Partnering with Moloco and Singular proved to be a solid base network where we could get stable, high-end users. As we aimed to scale Angry Bird Journey in the US, Moloco's expansive reach across the open internet and Singular's real-time insights allowed us to acquire and retain a diverse range of high-value users, resulting in impressive results for both ROAS and retention.
 — Osku Mäkkylä, Performance Marketing Manager, Rovio








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