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How DraftKings Uses Programmatic Advertising to Fuel Growth

Creative performance

As traditional approaches to ad targeting and mobile measurement become increasingly ineffective, the ways in which mobile marketers drive performance and determine campaign success has to evolve.

In this webinar, Justin Warshavsky, growth marketing manager at DraftKings, sits down with Moloco to talk about their unique approach to creative and mobile advertising. In an era in which creative has become more important than ever before, how can advertisers leverage innovative strategies within in-app advertising to influence consumers?

Watch to learn how DraftKings:
  • Built a programmatic advertising strategy
  • Determines which programmatic channels, tactics, and strategies yield the best results
  • Approaches mobile ad creative and bucks conventional wisdom


Justin Warshavsky

Growth Marketing Manager, DraftKings

Gabriel Green

Senior Growth Manager, Moloco


Nancy Taffera-Santos

Sr VP, Media Solutions and Strategy, eMarketer