Mobile Ad Formats Performance Report: Benchmarks for Casual Games

Prioritize The Right Ad Formats For Your User Acquisition Goals

This comprehensive report shares the latest data and insights from MOLOCO’s programmatic advertising platform, including which ad formats drive incremental revenue for casual games. With data from over one billion impressions, we’ve set benchmarks for cost per payer, ROAS, and retention by format to help advertisers optimize ad spend and creative development more effectively. Download your copy today to discover what each ad format can bring to your campaign.

In this report, you’ll learn why:

  • Video ads see 4x more installs compared to other ad formats
  • Interstitial ads drive the shortest days-to-first-purchase average
  • Banner and video ads have the lowest CPP of all formats
  • Paying users are equal across Android and iOS platforms in the short-term
  • Retention on iOS devices surpasses Android platforms across all timeframes.

And much more!

MOLOCO Ebook Mockup