Data Report: E-Commerce CPA Trends on iOS

How E-Commerce Marketers Can Overcome Rising Advertising Costs in the Post-IDFA World

Apple's privacy changes on iOS have lead to increases in average cost-per-acquisition for e-commerce businesses, but there are solutions. To help marketers adapt to this changing market, MOLOCO analyzed data gathered from 33.3 billion programmatic advertising bids, 2.2 billion ad impressions, 8.2 million clicks, and 95,000 actions.

Here's just some of what we learned:

  • Average CPAs have risen by 200% for tracked users and 155% for non-tracked users since the release of iOS 14.5
  • Tracked users on iOS fell by more than 40% over a 6-month period 
  • CPA costs for tracked users increased by 63% after the release of iOS 14.5 and 94% more after iOS 14.6
  • The rate of opt-outs is likely to increase over time

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