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We wouldn't be here without you: a message to our stakeholders

August 17, 2021

Dear Clients, Partners, and Investors 

From the beginning, our team started Moloco with a vision to bring machine learning technology to mobile businesses to unleash the power of their data.  As we focused our energy and attention on reaching that goal the value of partnership, teamwork, and trust became essential to our advancement. For every major step of the way, we’ve looked to those who believe in building a brand that addresses not only our current needs but also our ambitions of bringing the power of machine learning to all. Each one of you has done your part to support us, which is why it brings Moloco such joy to announce our $150 million Series C funding led by Tiger Global at a $1.5 billion valuation. This funding once again proves how valuable our partners have been in the steady growth of Moloco. 

With this funding, Moloco is positioned to reach even greater heights by continuing to invest in technology and product development that will benefit clients and expand our coverage. We know that the belief in the mission has grown beyond ourselves, and we are stronger in our commitment to building solutions that provide superior performance, total transparency, and user control. The future here at MOLOCO is exciting! We are already hard at work developing the next generation of Moloco solutions to further make our machine learning engine available to more industries and use cases. We look forward to sharing some innovative product announcements in the near future.

Leveraging transparency, humility, and data-informed business decisions, a good CEO’s job is to guide the organization towards a path of growth and sustainability. These foundational pillars are key in allowing a business to drive positive impact and scale to new heights. As we transition into the next chapter of our mission, these core focuses will remain intact and serve as the guiding principles of company culture. Our current reality only drives us to continue to elevate the goals we have as an organization. The world of performance advertising saw more than $300 billion in revenue over the last year. We feel that we’re still scratching the surface of the market's potential and look forward to working with new and existing partners in the future to seize those opportunities. I personally want to thank every one of you for your continued belief in our mission, and I’d also like to assure you that the best is yet to come! 


Ikkjin Ahn

Co-Founder & CEO, Moloco 

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